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A leaker claims that Apple will be employing stacked battery technology in all iPhone 15 models. Aside from this, the leak adds that Apple might be exploring faster-charging speeds using wired and MagSafe charging.

The leaker named @RgcloudS on Twitter shared the details while discussing the same matter about Samsung phones. The leaker primarily focuses on Android leaks, but the latest revelation is interesting since the battery section has always been one of the biggest things expected to get improvements in the next iPhone lineup.

According to @RgcloudS, Apple will make this possible by using a new technology for its iPhones — a stacked battery. This refers to a different method of producing the batteries. Normal types rely on winding technology, wherein the strips of positive electrodes and negative electrodes are rolled inside the battery. This leaves some unused spaces in batteries. Stacked battery tech will resolve this by “stacking” the strips in layers to ensure all the areas are used. This will result in higher battery capacity, which means longer battery life for iPhones.

The tech is promising, as it is already being used in the EV industry, where high-capacity batteries are needed. But aside from having more power and longer battery life, it will also lead to faster charging. The layered and uniform distribution of the strips in the battery will also allow the heat to be distributed properly, resulting in low heat.

According to the account, there are also indications that Apple is exploring an improved charging speed in iPhones. @RgcloudS mentions that 40W wired and 20W MagSafe are spotted, albeit it is uncertain whether they will be in iPhone 15 or iPhone 16 lineup. In case this is true, this will truly be enticing since wired and MagSafe charging can only reach up to 30W and 15W of peak power delivery, respectively.


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