Apple Sydney, Australia iPhone 15 launch
Apple Sydney, Australia

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Apple has started including a new authenticity detail in iPhone 15 boxes that will help customers better verify whether their purchases are real. However, it would require a UV light in order to appear.

As shared by well-known leaker @MajinBuOfficial on Twitter, the UV marks will appear on the back of the boxes when a UV light is used. Both the top and bottom parts of the package have them, with the iPhone logo and a QR code on top and another QR code at the bottom.

The new details are meant to help customers easily identify the authenticity of their iPhone 15 smartphone unit. Although counterfeit producers could copy the same marks in the future, it will help Apple deter the sales of fake iPhone 15 models that are trying to take advantage of the iPhone 15 mania during its initial release. And given that Apple fans are now lining up in front of stores in hopes of getting their iPhone 15 and with scalpers lurking around, this could help the genuine iPhones stand out from counterfeit ones.

Yet, as mentioned, it will require UV light tools to make the marks appear. As such, if you want to ensure you are buying a legitimate iPhone product, buying directly from the Apple Store and Appleā€™s official website is always recommended.


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