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Apple will use the new U2 ultrawide-band chip in its iPhone 15 models, which could result in better tracking power.

Bloomberg shared the news in a recent report, saying all four models will benefit from this upgrade. If true, the public will see the first UWB chip improvement since the launch of U1 in iPhone 11 Pro in 2019, and this will reportedly cover upcoming versions of every major product of Apple.

“The new component is expected to improve location capabilities, making it so people and devices can be tracked more accurately in the Find My app,” Bloomberg reports.

No other details are shared on where Apple plans to use the upgraded chip, but its introduction will be interesting, especially since Apple will introduce a new file-sharing feature in iOS 17, the NameDrop. The feature is a part of AirDrop, which relies on UWB to allow faster and more efficient sharing.

Moreover, though unconfirmed, the upgrade of the UWB chip might also have something to do with the recent patents of Apple related to precise location tracking. In one patent titled “Systems and Methods for Locating Mobile Devices Within a Vehicle,” the Cupertino giant detailed the systems and methods it proposes to use in order to locate an Apple device within a vehicle using sensors and signal generators. As explained, the said materials will communicate with each other, allowing an onboard computer in the vehicle to determine the location and orientation of the lost device.


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