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Apple’s plans to link its iPhones and Vision Pro will further be pushed forward in the iPhone 16 series. According to a new leak, the iPhone 16 Ultra next year might include three smaller cameras, and they would likely be used for the headset of the Cupertino giant.

This is somehow expected, with Apple having to ramp up its Vision Pro plans in the coming years. As reported in the past, the company would have to create an ecosystem for the new headset, and the iPhones would play a huge role in this.

This has already started with the iPhone 15. During the Wonderlust event, the company revealed that it would allow the new iPhone 15 Pro to capture spatial videos “later this year.” It will employ the unit’s Ultra Wide and Main cameras to perform the task.

Apple noted that the new iPhone’s spatial content-capturing capability will enable users to view videos on the Vision Pro, which is coming out next year. The company said that the content can also be shared with any users with Vision Pro in the future. It added that photos and videos shot using the headset will be more immersive, explaining the need for a powerful iPhone camera to complement this. iPhone 15 Pro’s camera upgrades are the realization of this plan.

Nonetheless, this will further be pushed in the iPhone 16, according to @MajinBuOfficial on Twitter. According to the leaker, not only would Apple introduce an Ultra model in the iPhone 16 series, but Apple will also upgrade its camera system. This is not surprising, given Apple always makes improvements in its camera system, but it echoes the previous claims about Apple’s more aggressive move to create a more significant link between the Vision Pro and its iPhones.

In June, supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned Apple’s plan to integrate the iPhone into the Vision Pro ecosystem. According to the analyst, it will begin in the iPhone 15 line. Apple’s announcement about the spatial capability of the iPhone 15 Pro is the affirmation of this plan.

“Apple will aggressively upgrade hardware specifications to build a more competitive ecosystem for Vision Pro,” adds Kuo. “The ecosystem is one of the key success factors for Vision Pro, including the integration with other Apple hardware products, and related main hardware specifications are Wi-Fi and UWB.”

On the other hand, Majin Bu also claimed the standard iPhone 16 would have a 120Hz ProMotion feature and thinner bezels. The leaker said that units that will be offered in the US would have a “mmWave mode” switch button.


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