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Apple is reportedly planning to make “significant” improvements in the next-generation iPhone SE, which is expected to obtain many of its designs from the base iPhone 14 model. Website MacRumors claims in a recent report that the iPhone SE‌ 4, with a codename Ghost internally, will feature a modified iPhone 14’s chassis and “will even maintain ‌iPhone 14‌ test parameters for internal testing.”

The report details a lot of things involving the different parts of the rumored iPhone, including a single 48MP rear camera and flash with the same layout as the third-generation ‌iPhone SE‌. The outlet says Apple has prepared at least five designs for the camera of the next iPhone SE but notes that there is little difference between them.

As expected, previous details about the iPhone SE 4 have been mentioned in the report, such as the addition of the Face ID, Action Button, and USB-C. While the entrance of the Action Button in the affordable iPhone SE 4 is interesting, the adoption of the USB-C is expected. With the EU pushing the company to adopt it in all of its devices and future products, it is certain that all the next iPhones will have the USB-C port as Apple officially departs from the use of its proprietary lightning charging port.

On the other hand, the report has also reiterated the rumor about the iPhone SE 4 getting the Apple-designed 5G modem. According to previous reports, there will be no iPhone SE 4 in 2024, but it will likely launch in 2025. However, this opposes the current situation of Apple involving its progress in the 5G modem project. To recall, Apple signed another deal with Qualcomm to extend their partnership until 2026, so the latter will continue producing iPhone modems for the Cupertino giant in the next three years. This invalidates rumors of the iPhone SE 4 with an Apple 5G modem coming in 2025 and further strengthens claims of the phone not launching at all. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made a claim about this in April:

“I previously predicted that the iPhone SE 4 would be a derivative model of the iPhone 14,” Kuo tweeted months ago. “However, my latest research indicates that this derivative model will likely be an engineering prototype for Apple in-house 5G baseband chip technology and mass production validation, and there are no plans for mass production and sales.”

MacRumors, however, countered this in a recent report, stressing Apple wouldn’t bother making improvements in various parts of the iPhone SE 4 if it would just be used as a testing device. A recent report supports this argument after it was revealed that different Chinese companies have already been courting Apple to gain its favor to be its iPhone SE 4 OLED supplier. The report shared that an Apple employee visited various huge OLED panel production sites in China during the first half of the year. The visitation is reportedly related to the ‌iPhone SE‌. It added that BOE will dominate the deal by getting the biggest supply orders from Apple. Nonetheless, it also mentioned Tianma, which is also hoping to be the second biggest supplier of AMOLED panels for the fourth-gen ‌iPhone SE‌.

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