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B&H Photo Video (popularly known as B&H Photo, B&H, or B&H Foto and Electronics Corporation is a photo-video equipment retailer established in America in 1973. It is based in Manhattan, New York City. 

It conducts its dealings related to photo and video equipment through an online e-commerce consumer sale, B2B sales, and is based at one retail location. The store is available through offline retail, website, phone sales, email, and chat channels. 

Although it has built a broad network since its launch, customers have raised a query about its legit status. This query has brought to light mixed opinions of customers. However, the reality remains. And this page focuses on the real side of the story.

Read on to find out whether or not is legit.


B&H Photo Overview 

Starting in 1973, B&H Photo Video has established itself as a reputable photo and video equipment business. It is a primary source of photo gear for enthusiastic and career-oriented photographers worldwide. 

B&H is the acronym used for Blimie and Herman, the founder of the business. However, some believe that the name B&H comes from Baruch Hashem, which is only a rumor. Additionally, the company has soared to significant heights because its principles surpass its profits. 

They are perfect at the art of down-sell and recommend the best options to their customers after learning their requirements. They believe in catering to the various needs of their customers instead of focusing on the price tag. They always prioritize their customers.

This is why they have excellent customer service, a varied range of products, and reasonable pricing. You would have a better opinion visiting the hundreds of thousands of reviews on Trustpilot, with a majority of them being optimistic about the business ethics and customer service of B&H Photo Video.

You will hardly find any negative reviews of customers who have purchased from B&H. These reviews are a great indication of the value B&H holds for all its customers to the present. Besides, you can make out the broad customer base given that the company owns both retail and online stores.

Therefore, if you are hoping for reliable photography gear at great prices and want to benefit from easy returns and special offers, B&H makes an ideal choice for New York residents and everyone else worldwide.


Ownership and Clientele

B&H Photo Video is typically meant for professional photographers and videographers. Although a wide customer base visits the offline stores every other day, most of its sales are derived from the internet and corporate sales. Its warehouse is based in Florence, New Jersey.

B&H is known to distribute a huge variety of consumer electronics products. They focus on professional and specialty photo and video equipment. Additionally, the store owner Herman Schreiber and some of the store employees are observant of Satmar Hasidic Jews. 

Therefore, you would find the store close on Shabbat, other Jewish Holidays, and Christmas. However, the website remains open 24×7, but orders aren’t processed between Friday to Saturday evening and on Jewish holidays. 


B&H Photo Video Store Operational Hours

As previously said, the e-commerce site of B&H remains open at all times. However, suppose you are a New Yorker or residing in New York temporarily and would like to visit the store. In that case, they operate Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, Friday from 9:00 pm to 1:00 pm, remain closed on Saturday, and operate on Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

As you already know that B&H delivers fabulous customer service. You can readily consult the team at 1-800-221-5743 for any assistance related to a purchase. The customer service remains open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm on Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Friday, and closed on Saturdays. 

Alternatively, you can reach them at their hotline sales and expert advice service at 1-800-894-9703.


B&H Photo Video Product Inventory

Now that you are aware that B&H Photo Video is an extensive store of photo and video equipment, it is quite natural to be curious about the collection of gear it sells. The company offers a wide range of compact, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras. They are available in wide-angle, standard, telephoto, and macro lens versions.

Additionally, you can choose to buy tripods, batteries, flashes, and lighting accessories to complete your photography kit. Furthermore, you can add backpacks, backup storage, photo printers, drones, and photography books as well. 

All their products are made of a high-quality selection of materials and come with a warranty. Additionally, B&H has traveled the extra mile to offer an “Event Space” created to cater to the needs of all professional photographers worldwide. 

This space provides the photographers and videographers with resources in the form of lectures and learning opportunities to enhance their skills, learn new things, and get relevant equipment to apply the knowledge. All of such educational resources are available for free.


B&H Photo Coupon

Customers worldwide have expressed their convenience of getting associated with B&H. You can easily buy the gear of your choice and get them at reasonable rates. You have a dedicated page on the e-commerce website that deals with special discounts, coupons, and promotions. 

 It has also developed a separate page for photographers to shop for photography equipment as attractive deals on pre-loved gear. These gears are available in all types and price rates.


B&H Photo Video Return Policy

The company has an attractive return policy. It provides its customers a 30-day return policy with full refund options when they are dissatisfied with the products for any reason. You have the option of shipping it back to B&H or handing it back to the store personally if you are in New York.

However, the company clarifies that the refund applies only to the price of the item to be returned. It means that the shipping and handling fees of the returned item will not be refunded. Moreover, few items are non-returnable.

Such items include technical items such as televisions or computers that have been unboxed after purchase and electronic downloads of software. Even the special orders are non-returnable. The special-order merchandise includes orders like custom-configured computers, etc.

Returning or Exchanging an Order

Returning an order or exchanging it is easy as long as you cater to the company’s Return Policy guidelines.

  1. Fill out an online form.
  2. Pack the item to be returned in the original packaging of B&H and then into an outer shipping box, along with its invoice. 
  3. Paste the return label on the package to be returned as the company is not responsible for lost packages.

While you return an item, you need to cross-check that it is in good condition and is packed in an unaltered box. The package should include the original manuals, blank warranty cards, and other accessories. Also, it is highly recommended to use a shipping authority with tracking facilities.

Refunds and Credits

In case of any dissatisfaction with a product bought, you can either exchange or return and receive a full refund of the original price paid for the product. In the ideal cases, the refund is issued through the same payment method used to place the order originally.

The company takes 7-10 days to credit the amount back into your account for a credit card payment. If you had purchased the item using a check, the refund check would be issued ten days after the date of purchase.

Limited Liability

The company clarifies through its guidelines that it holds no accountability during a loss of returned merchandise. Additionally, they are not responsible for the consequential or incidental damage caused to the order during the sale or use of the product.

B&H holds itself responsible for the monetary value of the items purchased from its website or physical store. The company requires the customers to claim any damage or missing items within two business days of the receipt of merchandise. 


Business-2-Business Benefits at B&H

You have read through the side of B&H dealing with its customers for a regular selling-and-buying business. However, there is a B2B side to it as well, and it comes with significant benefits for the client dealing with B&H Photo Video.

  • Pay With Purchase Orders: Clients are given the freedom to track and approve the orders quickly.
  • Net Payment Terms: There is zero issue and financing fees for business clients.
  • Instant Quotation: The company prepares on-the-spot pricing for particular technology needs. 
  • Tax-Exempt Status: You can easily streamline your purchase if you are a qualified buyer.
  • Competitive Pricing: B2B qualified businesses can request price reviews and special discounts on certain products.
  • Reps to Rely On: Expand your business with a team who gets to learn about you and not just your business.


Advantages of Buying From B&H Photo Video

Among several benefits gained from buying from B&H Photo Video, here are some of the crucial advantages of the products brought from the company.

  • Picture Quality
  • User-Friendliness
  • Video Recording Quality
  • Battery Performance
  • Flexibility
  • LCD Panel Quality
  • Build Quality
  • Warranty Production
  • Loyalty, Rewards, and Partnership Programs
  • Privacy Policy and Data Security
  • Company Values, Ethics, and Policies


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Have Free Returns?

B&H ensures the complete satisfaction of the clients regarding their purchases. Therefore, if any dissatisfaction occurs, you can easily return the package, wrapped with safety concerns, to B&H within 30 days of delivery.

Does B&H Sell Refurbished Products?

Yes, B&H Photo Video deals with brand new and pre-used or refurbished products that are restored to their original state of manufacture.

How Long Does B&H Take to Process an Order?

Typically, B&H takes 1-3 business days to process the orders and ship them from the warehouse. However, this time is exclusive to weekends or holidays. Furthermore, all orders are processed in the order that they are received.

Does B&H Develop Films?

Yes, B&H Photo Video deals with everything you need concerning photography and development, including film rolls.

How Is B&H So Affordable?

B&H is transparent about its policies and processes. The company discloses that they buy the products in bulk and, therefore, receive discounts from the suppliers. They buy some of each item they offer and thus, can negotiate them at attractive prices. 


Final Verdict

That is it! Considering all the details you’ve read on this page and the reviews on Trustpilot, B&H Photo Video has backed the maxim rating and positive reviews on the internet. It has been a super high authority website with an outstanding online reputation for quite some time. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that is legit and not a fraudulent website. However, you should read the potential signs each time you buy anything from online websites. 

Furthermore, it is essential to understand that even the best brands in the world can occasionally be subjected to complaints and dissatisfaction. This, however, does not decide the overall quality of their products and services.


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