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There have been inquiries about whether Newegg is legit in its retailing or not. The reluctance of several people in purchasing through the website is owed to few reviews made by dissatisfied customers. These reviews are not the general outlook of the website. On this account, we researched deep to get you the verdict that either confirms or disapproves of the legitimacy of the Newegg online retail website.

For a start, Newegg is a legit website. In 2020, popular magazine, Newsweek, rated it as the fifth-best online platform for shoppers. In that same period, the platform was ranked at number 26 out of a long list of up to 500 e-commerce websites. The rating was made by Digital Commerce 360, a leading analysis and fact figuring website concerned primarily about disclosures from the commerce scene.

Newegg is a recognized brand

Newegg is an electronics and computer retailing company domiciled in California, United States. Aside from being known for its low-cost retailing of computers, Newegg sells to its numerous customers, which are spread around the world, and it sells some latest computer hardware and smart home appliances.

The company was established in 2001 by a Taiwanese-born American entrepreneur: Fred Chang. However, during a funding investment deal in 2016, a Chinese company: Liaison Interactive, secured a majority stake in Newegg. Now, the retail firm, aside from having selected facilities across locations in Canada and the U.S., has operations in more than a dozen countries.

Why is Newegg called Newegg?

One might easily attribute the ‘egg’ denotation in the company brand name to represent the primary retail of some physical oval-shaped items. This is, however, not so.

The Newegg denotation actually signifies hope for e-commerce, especially during its difficult and almost unknown phase. And being that an egg is symbolic of birth and boundless potentials, the name was chosen as the brand.


Why is Newegg so cheap?

Newegg retails its products at a comparatively low price. One of the reasons this is possible is that they purchase the goods directly from companies and sell them off to many individuals and business ventures.

The company’s numerous sales allow them to present a price tag comfortably below the industry average. This market share capitalization helps them maintain profitability despite selling below factory price.

Why is Newegg cheaper than Amazon?

Appliances on Amazon are generally more expensive than on Newegg. Reason being that Newegg wholly concentrates its sale in tech hardware, some of which is difficult to be sourced elsewhere, even on Amazon.

Both Amazon and Newegg comparatively square each other out, and they better each other by close margins. Instances of such are in the goods delivery timeline, including the price for products from each store. While Newegg edges Amazon in affordability, Amazon betters the former in delivery efficiency and speed.


Can you use Paypal on Newegg?

Newegg accepts several kinds of payment mediums, including PayPal. However, for purchases within the United States of America, Newegg does not accept Paypal when a buyer wants to make the following purchase types: Subscription orders; Will Call orders, and Backorders.

Is it safe to buy from Newegg?

Newegg’s website is safe to use. The credit card details used during payment for purchase made on the website are secured and cannot be retrieved by anyone.

From several reviews made by users who had experiences using the website, none has been doubtful of the payment solution integrated into the platform. Additionally, Newegg has a return facility for users dissatisfied with the products, as well as for those with a change of mind.

How much is Newegg shipping?

Newegg shipment charges depend upon the Zip/postal code provided by a user while purchasing a product. An estimate of the amount is presented upon continuing with a purchase from the checkout to the review stage. Aside from the fees, all available shipping methods would be updated according to your Zip/Postal Code.

The shipment cost is influenced by the destination location and other factors, which include the weight and storage fee.

Does Newegg ship internationally?

Newegg ships only to selected international destinations, including Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Hong Kong, India, Israel, and Japan. Others include Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Shipment of products outside the U.S. attracts fees additional to travel costs. Such additional fees include custom duties and taxes paid to the authorities of these destination countries. These “VAT/GST & Duty” fees are estimated and charged on orders from international customers. If these estimates deviate from the charges by authorities in real-time, the difference is compensated by Newegg.


Everything about Newegg returns

Newegg does facilitate returns. However, not all items are eligible for returns. And items with eligibility for returns have an individual period for such. It is advised that a user refers to the “Warranty & Returns” tab on each product page for information.

Newegg returns are processed within 7-10 working days, and refunds are made between the subsequent 3-5 working days. Authorization for a return is needed before a return is made, and that is gotten by requesting a return on the website. Newegg then either approves or rejects the return request in accordance with its return policy.

Does Newegg build your P.C for you?

Building a personal computer by oneself is a tradition still being undergone by many tech enthusiasts for various reasons. One of such reasons is that building a gaming P.C is more cost-effective than purchasing a pre-built one.

Newegg offers a P.C. building tool that helps one build a P.C. to his/her choice. Although the tool helps you get a P.C. built by yourself right from scratch, Newegg does not guarantee that the tool and the components retailed in its stores would be compatible.


Why are Newegg products always out of stock? 

Due to massive demand for some popular items on Newegg, they are regularly sold out. As a customer, you cannot predict when a product would be out of stock; you could be notified by mail when an inventory of such product has been received. This is done by tapping the Auto-notify button within the product page, if available. 

There’s also an option to backorder out-of-stock items. The backorder function, available occasionally, allows customers to place orders on products temporarily out of stock.

Are Newegg sellers reliable?

Sellers on the Newegg platform are placed under certain scrutiny and constant assessment by the retailer. Newegg pre-fulfillment void ratio gives a ratio of orders not completed by a seller to those successfully delivered. This ratio must be maintained below 2.5% by each seller on the platform, or they face sanctions.

There’s also a customer feedback rating made by those who successfully purchase from the platform. A 4 or 5 ratings on a seller’s profile indicates that they are reliable. A 3 egg rating indicates a fairly decent seller, while ratings below are considered poor.

These ratings and reviews are instituted so buyers could decide which third-party seller to purchase from. There’s also a provision where these sellers can be contacted via email or phone if a need arises. To get these contacts, click on a seller’s name on the concerned item’s page.

Is Newegg customer service reliable?

Ways to contact Newegg include sending an email, filling a contact form on the website, live chatting with them, and placing a phone call through a provided phone number. However, reviews from various customers indicate that these contact means from Newegg are deficient and mostly unreliable.

Users who got back responses from the retailer said the experience with the customer service representatives was totally rude, while others complain of these agents’ inability to get their problem solved. 

Despite the numerous negative remark about Newegg customer service, the few positive comments indicate a fair consumer relationship from the widely patronized e-commerce platform.

What is Newegg shuffle?

Newegg shuffle is a system implemented by the retailer to give customers equal rights to a product rather than on a first-come-first-served basis. Customers intending to purchase products high in demand would need to click on the “shuffle” button on an item’s page, one which replaces a purchase button.

Immediately upon receipt of inventory, the delivery time depending on the supplier, goods meant for raffles are stocked, and raffle draws initiated. According to the retailer, this is usually between Monday and Friday within 9 am P.T. and 11:00 am P.T.

What is Newegg open box?

Open-box products are those which had been returned by customers who were dissatisfied upon taking delivery of them. These products are placed on sale on the Newegg website at a reduced price and with little to no guarantee of effectiveness of such product to users wishing to make a purchase. 

Additionally, there are no assurances that accessories usually accompanying a product would be delivered with the product to customers. 

Can I delete my Newegg account?

If you wish to discontinue e-commerce services offered by Newegg, you would need to close your account with them. However, the Newegg platform doesn’t provide a means for individually deactivate one’s account. 

To delete your Newegg account, you have to get the company notified of this intention through either of two ways. The first is done by foremostly accessing the website’s customer help center page. A drop-down menu at the top right corner of the “customer service” page takes one there.

Next, you are required to locate and click on the “contact us” link in order to access the contact form. You now have to present a reason behind your intention in having your account deleted and await its realization.

Another way to get a Newegg account deleted is by sending a mail requesting for the removal of your account to In both ways, you need to clearly state your reason for such a request.


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