Difference between Jump, Jump 1.0, Jump 2.0, Jump Upgrades, and Jump on Demand?

Difference between Jump, Jump 1.0, Jump 2.0, Jump Upgrades, and Jump on Demand?

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What Is JUMP?

As part of a $10 monthly subscription, JUMP (Just Upgrade My Phone) allows customers to upgrade their phones twice a year.

Instead of paying the usual monthly insurance fee, users will now be covered by this. It’s possible to get the same level of protection for your phone with JUMP!

For a monthly fee, customers can upgrade their devices more frequently. T-Mobile will pay half of the retail price of your old phone if you upgrade to a new one at any time under this plan.

If you’re in the market for a new phone, bring your old one in for a checkup to make sure it’s still functional. If that’s the case, you can simply buy a new one. For the price of half of the device, T-Mobile will cover the remainder of your outstanding balance.

With Protection 360, JUMP is just one feature. It also includes a replacement warranty, AppleCare+ services, free screen protector replacements, and more.

As a bonus, you won’t have to wait for your first payment to arrive. With T-Equipment Mobile’s Installment Plan (EIP), which can cover up to half of the original device cost, you won’t owe a dime more.

You can speed up the upgrade process even further by making additional payments toward your EIP account. T-Mobile leases allow you to lease up to twelve devices per line per year, but you can add additional lines to control how often you upgrade by adding more lines.

How Does JUMP Work?

For JUMP, you must sign up to pay the full price of your new phone in 24 equal monthly installments in order to receive it. JUMP is an additional $9 to $12 a month for the service, depending on the phone you have. You can sign up here. For more expensive phones, like the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7, the price will be higher.

In the event that you’d like to switch to a new phone, T-Mobile will cover up to 50% of the retail price of your current phone. If you want to get the most out of JUMP, you’ll need to upgrade every year to do so. T-Mobile will not cover the difference if you upgrade before your contract expires.

On a $240 phone, you could pay $10 per month for 24 months, excluding the JUMP fee. T-Mobile will cover the remaining $120 if you decide to upgrade after 12 months. It will cost you only $90 to upgrade your phone after nine months if you do so. In order to upgrade, you’ll have to fork over an additional $30 to T-Mobile.

When you sign up for the JUMP plan, you get T-cell Mobile’s phone insurance and the mobile security platform Lookout. It’s a nice perk to have these two services included for free, especially since you’ll be responsible for any damage to your phone while on the program, which costs $12 a month.


What Is JUMP 1.0?

The JUMP 1.0 program is open to customers who have been in JUMP! for six months and want to upgrade. After that, they have the option of upgrading twice a year. Clients can trade in their old phones, which must be in good working order, and get the same upfront price as new customers on new phones.

Only once every 24 months can customers of other carriers upgrade their smartphones on contract unless they want to pay full retail price.

JUMP allows T-Mobile customers to lease a new smartphone or tablet for 18 months at an upfront cost on most models. Smartphones like the most recent Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models are included in this category.

What Is JUMP 2.0?

T-JUMP! Mobile’s 1.0 program, which was launched in 2014, will be phased out on October 6, 2022, and replaced with their current JUMP! 2.0 program, which offers more upgrade options.

As long as your current device is at least 50% paid off and enrolled in Protection360>, you can upgrade to JUMP! 2.0 at any time.

Once you’re eligible, you can trade-in your current device for a new one and get a full refund for any remaining payments.

An amount equal to half of the original device’s price can be applied to the purchase of a new one. An upgrade with little or no cost is most often what this entails.

Understanding the Difference Between JUMP 1.0 and JUMP 2.0

After the launch of JUMP! 1.0 by T-Mobile, customers were limited to two upgrades per year. In 2014, they made alterations in order to offer customers a greater degree of flexibility. However, customers will no longer be required to wait in order to upgrade, and the number of times they can perform an upgrade will no longer be subject to any restrictions with Jump 2.0.

Once your device has been paid off in full or has been enrolled in Protection 360, the decision of when to upgrade is left up to you.


What Is JUMP on Demand?

Simply put, On-Demand is exactly what it sounds like: it is a version that gives you the option to upgrade your phone on a monthly basis at any time. It’s completely free, but there are a few conditions:

  • You are required to sign up for a phone lease that is for a period of 18 months. Because of this, you will never actually own your device because T-Mobile will keep ownership of it.
  • Insurance for a Premium Device Protection cell phone is not included in this package. If you want protection for your handset, there will be an additional cost.
  • When you upgrade, you are responsible for paying for any damage to your phone that may have occurred due to excessive use.
  • JUMP! On-Demand is not available to customers with prepaid plans.

Is Jump On-Demand Worth It?

It might seem like a good deal, but JUMP! On-Demand is only for people who are obsessive about having the latest and greatest technology and are extremely careful with their mobile devices.

However, it is not so great for those who are concerned about their finances. Because you never actually own the device, you are just throwing money away, money that you will never be able to get back even if you sell your phone.

A commitment of one year and a half is required to participate in this program. After that point, your choices are as follows:

  • Upgrade
  • You must finish paying off the remaining balance on your device.
  • Return your device
  • Enter a Purchase Option Installment Plan, also known as a POIP for short. This is a payment arrangement that will pay off your phone over the course of nine months.

Understanding the Difference Between JUMP and JUMP on Demand

You have the option to upgrade your phone through T-JUMP Mobile’s On Demand service even if you do not wish to enroll in one of the carrier’s phone insurance plans.

JUMP On Demand does not charge a membership fee on a recurring basis; however, there are some limitations.

A smaller selection of phones is eligible for an upgrade, and this is in addition to the fact that there is no protection for the device. The good news is that the vast majority of modern smartphones support software upgrades.

When you sign up for this upgrade program, you are agreeing to a contract that will last for 18 months and will give you the opportunity to upgrade to a new phone once every thirty days. It is essential that you are aware that even if you lease a device through this program, T-Mobile will technically continue to own that device.


How JUMP Compares To Other Upgrade Programs

As T-Mobile has done, many other wireless service providers are now offering upgrade programs that allow you to get a new phone more often.

Using AT&T’s Next Up program, you can spread the cost of your phone purchase over 30 months. In order to trade in your phone and get a new one, you must pay off 80 percent of the retail price, or about 24 monthly payments.

What Is Protection 360 by T-Mobile?

With Protection 360, T-Mobile customers get the best possible protection for their mobile devices.

What is covered by T-insurance? Mobile’s In addition to the security provided by Device Protection, you’ll also get:

  • T-walk-in Mobile’s service allows you to simply walk into a store and have your phone fixed for you. You may also be eligible for a screen repair for only $29, depending on your circumstances.
  • On EIP devices, customers are eligible for upgrades after paying a 50% down payment.
  • Identity theft protection and secure browsing are both included in McAfee Security for T-Mobile. Antivirus and antimalware technology, as well as device deactivation and wallet protection, are also included in the service.
  • All connected devices, including smart TVs, game consoles and routers, can be supported by the Assurant® Protection360> app.
  • T-Mobile Mobile Experts will install free screen replacements for as long as you have your phone.
  • There are many ways to get your device repaired, including through JUMP!, mail-in replacements, in-store repairs, and AppleCare for iPhones and other Apple devices.

The question is whether or not T-Mobile Protection 360 is worth it. That is determined by your needs. The deductible for T-Mobile Protection 360 varies based on the handset’s value (just like it does for Device Protection), but the T-Mobile warranty exchange offers additional convenience.

How Can One File A Claim?

You can submit a claim in one of three ways for your customer. A toll-free phone number, a self-service tech app, or an online filing option are all available. Although these options are available to customers who signed up for a T-Mobile protection plan after August 26, 2018. T-Mobile customers no longer have access to the protection plan that was available prior to that date.

Those eligible to make a claim must include specific information in their submission. T-website Mobile’s requires customers to enter their username and password. A photo ID may also be required in some cases.

Customers must also provide their phone’s IMEI, model number, and manufacturer. T-Mobile also needs to know if a customer’s phone has been damaged or stolen.

Accurate shipping information must also be provided by customers so that they can receive their new gadgets A deductible or service fee is typically charged, so payment information must also be provided.

When Can One Enroll In Protection 360?

Protection 360 can only be joined by existing customers who have not previously used the service. After purchasing a T-Mobile phone, new customers who want to sign up for a service plan should do so within the first 30 days.

Occasionally, open enrollment periods are made available, allowing others to join the program if they are purchasing a new device or upgrading an existing one. Protection 360 is not available to T-Mobile prepaid customers.

How Does McAfee Security Work With T-Mobile Devices?

Users of the McAfee Security app can take advantage of a few security features. In the event that a phone is lost or stolen, it can provide the phone’s location remotely. In addition, it safeguards the data on a user’s phone and aids in password management. A device’s battery life can be improved with the app.

Data exposure reputation is used by ID protection built into the McAfee Security app to ensure that apps on a user’s phone do not intrude on his or her privacy. It also verifies the safety and legitimacy of every URL entered into the device.

Users’ devices will be protected from malicious apps that have been detected by the security software, which then deletes them automatically. Additionally, it lets users know if any of their installed apps are accessing their personal data. So when a customer is looking for a Wi-Fi spot, they can rest assured that their device will not connect to an unsecured connection without their permission.

If a user misplaces their wallet, they can easily cancel their existing cards and obtain new ones. Restoration service for lost or stolen IDs is also included, staffed by professionals. It’s possible for each agent to help a user recover their identity if another person is found to be using it.

McAfee Security can be installed on as many as 10 T-Mobile-registered devices, as long as they are all covered. Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, as well as Macintosh and PC computers, are all covered.


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