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Soon, you’ll be able to connect your iPhone or iPad to a hotel in-room television via AirPlay, thanks to the new partnership between Apple and LG. The South Korean company confirms it will be the first brand to bring AirPlay to its TVs later this year.

Apple’s plan to bring AirPlay to hotel TVs was first shared during the WWDC 2023 event. According to Apple, the feature should make it possible for hotel guests to securely share videos, photos, and music from the iPhone to the TV by simply scanning a QR code in the hotel room. This way, downloading any app or typing the password will no longer be needed, with LG saying, “AirPlay will be as easy to use as when at home.”

LG is the first company to adopt the feature to its TVs this year, according to its latest announcement this week. As it notes, AirPlay will be delivered to LG Pro: Centric Smart Hotel TVs later this year at select properties. It promises to also make AirPlay available on 2023 LG smart hotel TVs and top the models produced recently.

“This is a major advancement for in-room entertainment in the travel and hospitality industry, and underscores how closely we are listening to the needs of consumers who increasingly demand simple access to their personal media options on the biggest screen, wherever they are,” said Michael Kosla, hospitality vice president at LG Business Solutions USA. “Hotels that offer this feature will have an immediate leg up with travelers who use Apple devices, boosting guest satisfaction while providing real differentiation from local competition.”

After LG, it is expected that AirPlay will also be delivered to other TV brands in the future, which hopefully will include Samsung models. However, no other brands aside from LG have confirmed this.

The move is part of Apple’s initiative to explore the hospitality industry. Aside from bringing AirPlay to in-room hotel TVs, a recent report indicates that the company might be developing a Hotel app. In a recent patent granted to the company, Apple describes the app as an all-in-one platform where users can access different services related to their hotel stays. According to the documents, this will allow guests to make reservations and check-ins, access taxi bookings or car rentals, order room and concierge services, view nearby tourist attractions and centers, and even control room settings. In case the app sees the light of day, AirPlay will likely be one of the features that will be included in this Hotel app.


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