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You could soon be able to use your iPhone and Apple Watch to check some hotel details for your next trip. According to the United States Trademark and Patent Office (via IT Home), Apple has acquired a new patent for a “Hotel” app, an all-in-one platform where users can access different services related to their hotel stays.

According to the documents, the app will allow users to make reservations and check-ins. It is also expected to facilitate check-out procedures and assist users in arranging their transport, such as taxi bookings or car rentals. However, it goes beyond those things, with Apple hoping to make the app a comprehensive center for vacation-related services. For instance, the Hotel is also expected to allow the ordering of room and concierge services and viewing of nearby tourist attractions and centers. Interestingly, the Hotel app will also reportedly allow users to control room settings.

In the illustration shared by the company in the patent document, it seems the app will be designed to aid users right from pre-arrival to post-trip. According to Apple, the plan will involve some tech integration into the hotel systems, giving users access to the hotel’s selections of services and room functionalities. For the latter, this will include lighting, room temperature, bathtub, and more.

In case the Hotel app is made into reality, iPhone and Apple Watch users can access a wide variety of hotel-related services conveniently using their devices. The plan sounds promising, but it will be a challenge for Apple as it will require Apple to collaborate not only with hotels but also with different businesses in the hospitality industry. Moreover, it will probably take Apple some time to collect a considerable number of hotel collaborators.

The Hotel app will not be Apple’s first hospitality-related creation. Currently, Apple already allows users to add a hotel room key to their Apple Wallet, allowing them to use their iPhone or Apple Watch to view reservation details, check in, and unlock their rooms. In iOS 17, Apple is also expected to allow AirPlay in hotel rooms, so users can simply scan a QR code on their room TV to securely share videos, photos, and music from the iPhone to the TV.


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