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YouTube started rolling out live lyrics in its YouTube Music app this week. Those who already have the feature should be able to access the lyrics while playing a song in the Lyrics tab of the app.

During the earlier rollout of the feature, the availability of the live lyrics seemed to be limited to certain songs. However, more user reports today indicate that the feature is now appearing in more songs on the YouTube Music app.

The feature was first spotted in April, but Google has just recently started rolling it out widely to iOS and Android users. To those who already have it, the live lyrics will appear when the song begins, and there will be a lyric indication to guide users as the song progresses, which will start with a note icon before the start of the song.

Meanwhile, the current line being played in the song will be highlighted in white, while the rest of the lyrics will be in a faint gray appearance. The highlight will move as the song progresses and until it ends, albeit it also allows users to scroll the screen to view the rest of the lyrics in advance.

The tab uses the album art of the song that is playing, but the entirety of the lyrics remain legible as the background is highly blurred. Aside from this, the texts seem to be larger now and have better spacing compared to the earlier test Google had in the past months.

Do you already have access to the feature? How’s your experience? Let us know in the comment section below.


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