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Unable to text someone from your Android device? In this tech guide, I will address this common problem and give tips to fix the issue. So stay tuned.

In this age of instant messaging, sending a text over a mobile network is a thing of the past. But sometimes, people still fall back on this most reliable texting method due to no internet access. Since texting is no longer a primary mode of communication, people usually don’t bother changing the settings which allow them to send texts. 

Many times, when you try to text someone, you get a Message blocking active error message. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind this error and try to find the solutions to this problem. Let’s get going. 


Message Blocking Active: What & Why?

Message blocking is an in-built feature in all Android devices which prevents you from receiving spam messages. When this feature is on, the phone will block unwanted texts, promotional messages, phishing trips, etc. It’s a valuable security feature that helps you dearly. 

You can also choose a particular contact and block text messaging for them. Android phones these days come with a Spam filter as well, which will automatically restrict unwanted messages such as credit card offers, charity organizations, mobile carrier notifications, and more. 

When sending a text, if you are getting an Error sending text: Message blocking active error, it usually means that the contact number is in your block list or the spam filter has restricted this number from sending and receiving texts from your phone.

But, if you are getting the error for all your contacts, there can be several reasons behind it. Here are some most common ones:

1. The Carrier’s Server is Down

Network issues are one of the most common reasons you cannot text someone. All carriers face outages and congestion in their network. It also happens when you are traveling and going through a low-connectivity area. It’s a temporary issue, and the moment your phone starts receiving signals, you will be able to text again. 

2. No Text Messaging Active on Your Phone Number

Some carriers require you to activate the text messaging service nowadays. You can’t send messages if you don’t have texting over network service. 

3. Incorrect Contact Number

You may have used an incorrect phone number/format while saving a person’s contact information. Also, if you are sending it to an unknown number, you may be making a mistake with area codes or number format. 

4. Text Messaging is not Included in Your Plan. 

Some carriers don’t include text messaging facilities in some plans. In this case, you are not allowed to send texts until you purchase the plan with the service. 

5. Other Reasons

There are some more reasons that may interrupt the text messaging service, such as:

  • The receiver’s phone number is deactivated
  • You haven’t paid your phone bill
  • The time or date on your phone is incorrect
  • The receiver has blocked you


How To Turn Off Message Blocking?

Here are a few things you can try to turn off the message blocking on your Android device:

1. Check Your Block List

You should check if the contact you are trying to text is in our blocking list. 

  • Launch the Phone app and tap on the 3-dot icon at the top-right corner.
  • Tap on Settings and then on Blocked numbers.
  • Here you can see all the numbers you’ve blocked in the past. Unblock the number you are looking for. 

If you feel you are blocked by the receiver, try calling them or using an alternate way to contact them. 


2. Premium Message Access

To give premium message access, take the following steps:

  • Tap the gear icon to launch the System Settings
  • Tap on Apps & notification and select Advanced.
  • Tap on Special app access and scroll down to Premium SMS access.
  • Tap on Messages and select Ask from the drop-down menu. 
  • Restart your phone. 


3. Check the Date & Time 

The incorrect time or Date on your phone will stop it from connecting to the local servers. Take these steps to fix it:

  • Go to Settings and select System.
  • Tap on Date & time.
  • Turn on Automatic Date & time update from the toggle switch.
  • In some Android phones, you might see two options – Use network-provided time and Use network-provided time zone. Turn them on. 
  • Restart your phone. 

4. Refresh Network Settings

A quick network reset may also fix the issue for you. Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to Settings and tap on System.
  • Select Advanced and tap on Reset options
  • Tap on Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.

After it’s done, restart your phone and try to send the text again. 

5. Contact Your Provider

If none of the above methods helped you and you still can’t text the person, give a call to your provider and explain the issue. The associate may ask you to modify some settings on your phone. Also, they will let you know if you have a pending bill or if you have messaging service unavailable on your phone. 


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