[Solved] a New Station Alert Has Arrived

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A lot of people have reported a random male voice saying, “A new station alert has arrived” on their Android devices and iPhones. These voice alerts can be too annoying because they don’t stop on their own most of the time, and sometimes these voice alerts appear several times in a short span. 

In this guide, we have explained why some devices start getting these alerts and how to stop them. Make sure you read the complete article to understand everything you need to know.

Why Do You Get “A New Station Alert Has Arrived” Voice Notification?

A lot of people on the forums have claimed that the voice alert is related to a virus or malware, but we did not find any evidence of that. Instead, it seems like “A New Station Alert Has Arrived” is a voice alert used by Weather, News station, and Podcast apps. According to some people, the male voice alert can also be the outcome of a third-party app bug, but we think it’s false.

There is not much clarity about the issue, and some of the apps which are the reason behind this voice alert have a great reputation, so there is nothing to freak out about and keep reading the article to find out what to do about the alert. 

What Apps Are Usually the Reason Behind This Voice Notification?

  1. TuneIn
  2. Pandora 
  3. Storm Sheild
  4. Podcast addict
  5. iHeartRadio app
  6. WCAX Weather
  7. KSL (Weather app) 
  8. CBS7 (Weather app) 
  9. Wham (Weather app) 

These are the most common apps reported by people for being the reason behind the annoying voice. 


How to Stop the “A New Station Alert Has Arrived” Alert?

If you have none of the apps mentioned in the above list, make sure you try to find similar apps installed on your device first. Once you know what apps can be the reason behind this, Go to settings > Apps > Tap on that App> Notifications > Turn off all notifications. 

If turning off notifications does not help, you still have some options; we have explained them in the next section of this guide.

Before you do anything, boot your device in safe mode

In the Safe mode, you can only access preinstalled apps like Contacts, Dialer, Settings, etc. If a third-party app is causing the issue (which is very likely.) You can simply find and delete it. 

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Press and hold the Power button until it vibrates and lights up the screen.
  3. Release the Power button and instantly press and hold the Volume Down button until you see the logo of your device manufacturer.

Now you should be able to see the “Safe mode” on the bottom corner of your screen. Wait for some time and check if you get the annoying voice alert again; if you don’t, it means the issue is caused by a third-party app and not your OS and preinstalled apps. 

Solution 1) Uninstall theappp that is causing the issue

Once you figure out what apps could cause this issue, you can uninstall it from your device, and hopefully, you will never hear the station alert again. Additionally, you can delete all the third-party apps by untrusted developers.

Steps for Android

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Now tap on the App you want to uninstall.
  4. Finally, tap the Uninstall button and confirm the uninstallation.

Steps for iOS

  1. Touch and hold the app you want to uninstall.
  2. Tap Remove App.
  3. Tap Delete App, then tap Delete to confirm.

Solution 2) Factory reset your device

Factory resetting will wipe your data, including all the installed apps, so make sure you backup your data before resetting your device. Some people may think this is not a good solution, but if you are failing to find and delete the app that’s causing it, you may have to eventually factory reset your device to fix it. Uninstalling all the third-party apps by untrusted developers should fix the issue, as we have mentioned before. 

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Open General management.
  3. Tap on the “Reset” option. 
  4. Tap on “Factory data reset.”
  5. Tap on the “Reset button” and enter your password if required.

If you have an iOS device, Go to Settings > General > Reset and then tap Erase All Content and Settings. If you have an iCloud backup set up, your device will ask if you’d like to update it so you don’t lose unsaved data. 



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