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iOS and Android Reddit users will notice that their app’s icon has been changed to a new default: a pixilated copy of the Reddit icon. That’s because the original plain version is no longer free as the company has made it part of its Premium offering, which costs $5.99/month or $49.99/year.

Currently, users can use three free icons for their Reddit app: the OrangeRed pixilated one, Doge, and Wall Street. The last two, however, are said to be “available for a limited time,” and it is still unknown when this will be and what replacement users will get for them when that time comes.

The pixelated icon shouldn’t be a huge deal for some since the change is just limited to the app’s visuals. Nonetheless, it is an interesting move from Reddit, especially after the shutdown of numerous third-party apps. With the original app now being shoved down the throat of its users, it seems the company has found more confidence in reinforcing the changes it wants for its platform.

To recall, Reddit stood its ground, leading to significant changes in the platform. Aside from the shutdown of different third-party apps due to high API pricing, other developers resorted to the introduction of subscription payments for their apps.


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