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Whether you want an entirely new business that will give you the earnings you are looking for, or you simply want to bump up how you market your products, one of today’s most lucrative business ideas is offering sweepstakes games.

To define what they are, sweepstakes are games typically used as promotional

materials, giving prizes to participants and players who are picked at random. It’s hot, it’s trending, and it’s in demand.

Sounds enticing? Think you are ready to launch your business that offers sweepstakes games? Wait up. You need the right tools. Before you can offer these entertaining games to your customers, you need the right sweepstakes software. So, this piece will discuss a review of RiverSweeps, among today’s best sweepstakes software from provider Riverslot. You’ll learn what it is, its features, its products, and more. Let’s begin.

Overview Of RiverSweeps

The RiverSweeps sweepstakes software comes from Riverslot, a company that specializes in providing digital entertainment and gaming tools particularly aimed at sweepstakes games solutions. This company emerged with the advent of Internet cafés worldwide. It has several years of experience and dozens of triumphant projects launched across these years. So, it is suffice to say that Riverslot is among the best sweepstakes software providers around. Furthermore, they are saying that they are constantly improving their technologies, unlike the rest of the competition on the market.

Several businesses across the United States and Europe are already discovering the breakthrough of and utilizing RiverSweeps to grow their income. Thanks to their dedicated team, coupled with their innovative vision, Riverslot is able to provide the latest technology and effective software with unique features and ways to cater to their clients. Why don’t you learn about these features?

Some Of The Best Features Of RiverSweeps

RiverSweeps has several features that will match what both Riverslot’s clients and those clients’ customers are searching for. Here are some of them.

1. Promotions Bonus Module

RiverSweeps has a promotions bonus module that will help you encourage your customers to keep returning for more. This feature gives them personal bonuses when they continue to be loyal and patronize your offers.

Not only that, but there’s also a distinct module within the point of sale that will give you, the store or Internet shop owner, the ability to create promotions tailored to fit your players depending on the number of their purchases and their play frequencies. As a business owner, you can also be able to build your own promotion templates, from simple to complex, based on your preference.

Then, RiverSweeps also allows you to configure bounceback bonuses the way you want them to run while being in full control of the administrative panel. Adding bonuses to any bill using your point-of-sale system is also elementary.

2. Matchup Bonuses

Best for newcomers, matchup bonuses are a type of bonus that gives individuals some prize money if they do a specific action like registering on your platform. With RiverSweeps’ matchup bonuses feature, you can credit your new customers a few dollars as a bonus when they take a good look at the entertainment services you offer. Isn’t that great?

3. Daily Wheel

The Daily Wheel is one of the features of RiverSweeps for the players. If you are an active user and always find yourself playing your favorite promo games using this platform, you can get three days of fun for each purchase you make. How does this work? Well, simply login to the app after you get your code, press the Daily Wheel button, spin that wheel, and receive up to $50 on your balance. Sounds too good to be true? Of course not! You can repeat what you did there the following day and the day after that. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be rewarded.

4. Cashback

Here’s another feature for RiverSweeps players that makes good use of cashback. If you find no more entries left on your balance, know that it doesn’t mean your game is over. If you are playing through RiverSweeps, simply proceed to the main menu while you are still in the application and spin the other Wheel of Fortune. Doing so refunds you five to 25 percent! A second chance to win big, it is.

5. Community Board

Another fantastic thing about RiverSweeps’ games is the community board, which gives players the choice of whether or not they wish to join the game. If they want to proceed, they can be eligible for a progressive mystery prize system that increases depending on how much they have placed as bets.

They will be updated frequently about their status as this community board is displayed in the top titles of all the games and the Clients menu. The more your player bets, the more prizes they can win.

Riverslot Products

The RiverSweeps sweepstakes software is only one of the products Riverslot has in store for business owners. You have learned about the feature. This time, you will learn about the company’s products. Here’s the complete list.

For Your Sweepstakes Store

  • River Sweepstakes System
  • River Play-at-Home
  • River TV Center

Arcade And Fishgames Café Products

  • River Standup
  • River Sweepstakes Gaming Tablet
  • River Redemption Kiosk
  • River Play-at-Home
  • River Mobile

Products For Your Smoke, Gas, Or Liquor Store

The River Redemption Kiosk and River Play-at-Home are also recommended products to install in your smoke, gas, or liquor store.

Products For Your Sports Bar

The River Mobile is also the recommended product for your sports bar.

Other Products

  • River Long Distance Telephone Time
  • River Music Downloads

The Verdict

As you search around for the best sweepstakes software you can have for your business, you will literally find many results, making your choice a little bit more difficult to make. But this review should have narrowed your options, with the best choice in today’s market being Riverslot.

When you choose Riverslot’s RiverSweeps, you are arming yourself with a wide range of first-class promotional games, 24/7 reliable support, a no-fee system for the software, flexible software, various solutions offered all at once, and RiverSweeps’ professional approach that covers every aspect of your business.

RiverSweeps is highly recommended. So, what are you waiting for? Get a consultation from them today.


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