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Why is Samsung Link Sharing Gone?

There could be multiple reasons why you may not be able to see the app on your device anymore. In this section, let us look at the various possibilities why the Samsung Link Sharing is not available on your device anymore:

The App Has Been Terminated

The Samsung Link Sharing is an app that has been discontinued by the Samsung developers in 2021. The app was unexpectedly brought down in 2016 too, however, it made a come back before being terminated again.


Since the app has been terminated, it is obvious that the app won’t show in the Share menu of your device anymore and cease to exist in terms of functionality.

Check To See If The App Has Been Disabled or Hidden

If your Samsung Link Sharing was gone before it was terminated, it is possible that the app was wither disabled or hidden. To check if Samsung Link Sharing is disabled, go to Settings>Apps>Disabled Apps.

There is also a possibility that the app was accidentally hidden by someone or yourself in the device. Samsung offers the functionality to hide apps. To see which apps are hidden and if Samsung Link Sharing is among one of those apps:

  • Swipe up to the Application Menu.
  • Tap on the three-dot button on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on “Settings”> “Hide App”.
  • Under the “Hide App” section, look for Samsung Link Sharing as one of the hidden apps.


Can You Get Samsung Link Sharing Back?

Unfortunately, if the app is gone solely because it was discontinued by Samsung then there is no chance you can get it back. Of course you can still install the app back on your phone and it may appear in your App Drawer or you may download an APK version of the app to later unzip and install the app. However, the app may not function or in layman terms, be used for sharing files, connecting devices, etc.

Below attached is a screenshot showing all apps and services offered by Samsung currently (does not include Link Sharing app):

If the app is hidden or disabled you can enable it as well as unhide it on the device.

However, since the app’s functionalities cease to exist, there could be no way you can make any utilitarian use of the app.


What Is Samsung Link Sharing?

In order to share vast amounts of original-size photographs or videos, the Samsung Link Sharing application provides an easy method for customers to do so. A new version of the Link Sharing app has been released by Samsung in order to provide a better user experience.

After the most recent update, the Samsung Link app performs better and is more organized, but you can identify it by the 12.4.003 version number.

Specifically, the organization aims to fix the issue that happens when generating a link in the market. Importing and exporting big files has never been easier, with no need to connect a cable or specify any settings.

However, the update package for the 12.4.003 version is only 8.50 MB in size, so you can use your personal data instead of the internet to download it.

Important note: As of the latest information, the Samsung Link Sharing app has been discontinued and terminated which means even though you can install it, you can not make use of it to link your smart devices to your phone or share files.

Samsung Link Sharing App Shut Down Without Any Warning in 2016

It was a surprise to some of the people who use the Samsung Link app to share files. Samsung notified those users through text message that the app had been discontinued. However, Samsung Link was abruptly shut down in November of last year, with no advance notice.

AllShare Play, an app, and service that was released in 2012, was the inspiration for Samsung Link. DLNA and Wi-Fi sharing of videos and photographs across Samsung Android phones and tablets and smart TVs were made possible. Samsung Link was introduced in 2013 to take the position of AllShare Play. As a result, your smartphone’s images might be instantly saved to your home PC, giving you a fresh look and feel.

“Files stored on registered devices and cloud services will not be destroyed,” the termination website for the service stated. Individual devices or your cloud storage website/mobile application” can be used to access the remaining files.

In addition, a FAQ page was available for anyone who had used Samsung Link in the past. The Samsung Smart View software can still be used to connect a Samsung smartphone, tablet, or PC to a smart TV, according to the company.


What Were The Features Of Samsung Link Sharing?

Users of the Samsung Link Sharing app can share data, including high-resolution photos, movies, and documents, which are then stored on the smartphones of other Samsung Link Sharing users.

It allowed Samsung Android phone customers to transfer up to 5 GB of files, which would then be automatically destroyed after three or two days.

The app’s most crucial feature was the ability to securely share files. To make it possible for users to send huge files, such as videos or images, to a single recipient or a large group.

Using this program, you can transmit files up to 1 GB in size, or up to 2 GB if you’re sending multiple files. Everything on your smartphone may now be easily shared with any of your friends, without the need to compress or convert your files.

Another big perk of Samsung Link Sharing is the ability to share direct download links with anyone you choose. Direct download links could have shared via social media and the internet, for example.

Unfortunately, after the termination of the app, the users are mostly disappointed in Samsung for taking away such handy features from being accessed by them.


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