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Apple is rolling out a new feature in its Shazam app called “Concerts.” As the name implies, it suggests concerts, which will based on users’ history and activities.

The new feature comes in the app’s latest update and should now be rolling out to iOS users. Android users will reportedly receive the feature at an unspecified time.

Aside from the reminders about concerts, the feature will also bring additional details that should further aid users and give them other controls, including saving events and more.

“Shazam now also gives users the ability to save and revisit events, set reminders about upcoming shows, view tickets and unlock concert exclusives from select artists, which include brand new Watch faces and wallpapers available for download, behind the scenes video, tour photos, show set lists and more,” the update reads.

The feature will provide personalized “For You” suggestions of “upcoming concerts from artists you Shazam. Here, you can determine the coverage of the suggestion by choosing between All Locations or Near Me.


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