TWRP Asking Password To Decrypt Data

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TWRP (also known as Team Win Recovery Project) is a simple open-source software installed on Android devices. With this tool, you can have complete access to every nook and cranny of your phone without having to boot and reboot the system frequently.

While TWRP comes with several benefits, many Android users have faced the issue of this software asking for your password to decrypt data. The underlying problem of this error is not because of your device but because of TWRP’s inability to decrypt the data partition. 

This article will guide you through three troubleshooting steps to help you get back on track with your device again.


Method #1: Mending The Vendor Partition/FSTAB Via File Manager And Root Access

  • Navigate into the Play Store and install a file manager app with root access. You can install the File Explorer Root Browser.
  • Once you have downloaded this app, launch it open. Keep in mind that you will need root access for this method. If you are using Xplore File Manager, you will find the three dots in the top right-hand corner. This will lead you to the configuration settings > give root access > enter superuser and mount writable.
  • Now that you have root access go back to your file manager and click on the vendor/ navigate to/etc or FSTAB option.
  • When you enter FSTAB, you will need to edit it by long-pressing the option.
  • Find “encrypt” or “forceencrypt” on the FSTAB and replace it with “encryptable.”
  • Once you have made the edits, save the file and navigate back to the vendor/ navigate to/etc/FSTAB option. (If you are not able to find it, you can skip this step).
  • Next, flash back your recovery settings to boot your device into a stock recovery mode.
  • Once you do this, do a factory reset of your phone.
  • Now reboot your phone to its home screen and go back to the TWRP.
  • Next, boot your TWRP once again and confirm the settings.


If you have followed all these steps down to the T, you will find that your device will no longer ask for a password!

Note: This technique will only work if your phone is rooted!


Method #2: Mending The Vendor Partition/FSTAB Via TWRP And Text Editor

If your smartphone is not rooted, you can test this method to fix your issues.

  • First, boot your phone to TWRP mode.
  • Next, navigate to the TWRP and enter Mount to access the mount vendor partition.
  • Once you do this, go back to TWRP’s home screen, navigate to Advanced Settings, and enter File Manager.
  • Next, enter the etc/vendor option to copy the FSTAB to your USB-OTG or external_sd storage.
  • From here, move to the nvdata/vendor and copy the FSTAB once again to a different file under USB-OTG or external_sd storage (If you are unable to find the FSTAB option here, you can skip this step).
  • Now that you have found the FSTAB option, you will need to edit the copied file. You can do this by rebooting your smartphone back to the home screen and utilizing the text editor (you can install one from the Play Store). Another way is by copying this file to your desktop PC.
  • Using the text editor, edit the FSTAB file.
  • Look for the word “forceencrypt” and replace it with “encryptable.”
  • Now that you have made the changes save them and copy them into the USB-OTG or external_sd storage.
  • Next, reboot your TWRP again, and copy the edited FSTAB files and replace them in all locations.
  • Once this is done, you can format or change the data partition. Enter the TWRP settings and access Wipe to format the data.
  • Then, reboot the new TWRP settings and verify if the encryption issue is solved.

Note: Keep in mind that this technique will work only if you have successfully mounted the vendor partition in TWRP to the Mount. If this does not fix your TWRP issue, try the following method.


 Method #3: Sparking The No-Verity-Opt-Encrypt.Zip

  • First, download the “” on your device. 
  • After downloading, copy the zip to the USB-OTG storage or the external SD.
  • Next, do a full rebooting for your device and enter the TWRP recovery mode.
  • Here, find and clock the install option. From here, enter storage and navigate your way into the USB-OTG or the ExtSD (based on where you chose to store the zip file).
  • From here, you will need to navigate into the and select the slider to flash option.
  • If your efforts at this stage are successful, you can move on to rebooting your TWRP and verify if the problem has been rectified.
  • If your TWRP is still asking for your password to encrypt data, you need to re-flash the
  • Next, enter the Data Partition option or Format option. From here, select the TWRP, enter Wipe, and format your data.

Then, reboot your TWRP again, and confirm if the issue has been cleared.


Key Points To Remember

  • Most of these methods involve complete device rebooting. So make sure to backup all your essential files and documents before you proceed. 
  • If you are unable to find a “forceencrypt” option in the FSTAB file, look for “fileencryption” or “forcefdeorfbe” and replace it with “encryptable.”
  • If your files continue to get restored even after modifying the FSTABS, you will need to spark the and disable the force encryption.
  • If your device keeps going back to the TWRP even after formatting and rebooting, you will need to flash back again and navigate into the stock recovery.img. Next, do a complete factory reset. This way, you can ensure your efforts to be a success.
  • Keep in mind that these methods might not work for all devices! What works for one smartphone might not work for another. In this case, try each of these methods to see which works for you.


Parting Thoughts

When it comes to fixing TWRP for data decryption, there is more than just one way to settle it. 

If none of these methods works, try doing an “Advanced Wipe” on your phone. Make sure to select every option here except the “Internal Storage.” Doing this will wipe every file from your device and give you a new slate, to begin with.

From here, navigate back and see if you can restore the backup. This will clear up the issue without any discrepancies. Good luck!



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