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Meta has updated its Threads app for iOS. This brings the new “Following” feed everyone has been waiting for. However, Meta has found a way to continue pushing suggested posts to its users on the platform despite having the new Following feed.

Meta updated the app on Monday with no descriptions of the added features. It even teased users, saying, “You asked, we answered. New features coming, so keep an eye out as you browse the latest version of the app.”

Initially, updating the app didn’t give users the Following tab. Nonetheless, it is now appearing to different users, dividing the Threads app into two tabs: the For You and the Following feed. As expected, the former comes with suggested posts on the platform, while the latter allows users to only view the posts (in reverse-chronological order) of the people they follow.

The feature was one of the main complaints among users on the platform, which is trying to compete with Elon Musk’s X platform. Instagram head Adam earlier teased the arrival of the feature in a post, saying the team was working hard to deliver it alongside other huge requests from users. Thankfully, it is now live among users of the app.

Unfortunately, having the Following feed doesn’t mean Meta will stop bugging you with its For You feed. That’s because in order for the Following tab to appear, you have to tap the Home or Threads icon logo. Tapping it will give you the two tabs, and you will have to do this every time you open the app and get to the Following feed.

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