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Meta has updated its “Threads, an Instagram app” on App Store. The new update should resolve the previously reported issue of the app crashing when uploading photos using the image picker.

The Facebook-parent company doesn’t detail the exact things the new Version 291 brings, except saying it comes with “Bug fixes and performance improvements!” Nonetheless, iOS users of the app should immediately notice that Threads will no longer crash when uploading images using their picker. Prior to this fix, the workaround involved copy-pasting images to post pictures on Threads. Fortunately, this step should no longer be needed in Threads Version 291.

On the other hand, the update also includes support for the recently-released iOS 17 public beta. Instagram Software Engineer Cameron Roth shared the news on Threads, giving more details of the things addressed in the latest update.

Instagram Software Engineer Cameron Roth Threads post

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are no other huge additions to the app, such as iPad support. Nonetheless, iOS Threads users will certainly appreciate the fixes introduced, especially in the app crash, which greatly impacted the user experience before. And given that Meta is trying to promote Threads as an ideal Twitter alternative, such a problem could prevent its success if ignored for a long time.

Surprisingly, the issue didn’t stop the app from raking in millions of downloads in the App Store. As per Apple’s weekly app rankings, Threads hit the first spot for the top free iPhone app last week. It was the same week the app reportedly reached its 100 million mark despite users’ concerns involving Meta’s data collection policy. Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk pointed this out previously (although this is already the case for all current Instagram users), but the app still managed to make a successful debut.

According to recent reports, Threads is the most downloaded app on launch day in history. In the analysis shared by Data.ai, Threads raked up to 30 million downloads on its day-one launch, making it the most downloaded non-game app in history. iOS users also embraced the app warmly, and even Apple has already established its presence on the platform by creating accounts for its different businesses, including Apple Books, Apple News, Apple Music, Beats by Dre, and Shazam.


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