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TikTok now allows the use of passkeys instead of conventional passwords when users log into their accounts. It should now be available to iOS users in Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America.

The new feature will allow iOS users to employ their Touch ID or Face ID, which can also be used on their other Apple devices. As TikTok says on its page, “all biometric authentication data remains on users’ devices,” so all third-party companies (including TikTok) won’t be able to access or use them. This also prevents phishing incidents, making the passkeys more ideal and more secure than passwords.

Unfortunately, the feature’s rollout is still very limited, and the initial release doesn’t include the US. It is also now limited to iOS. Nonetheless, the company says it intends to expand the availability to other regions and operating systems in the future.

“We will begin rolling out passkeys for iOS in certain regions, starting with Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America beginning this month, and anticipate expanding in geographies and operating systems over time,” the company announces on its page. “When available in your market, you can follow a few simple steps to turn on passkeys for your TikTok account using your iOS device. The next time you log in, you’ll be prompted to log in through your saved passkey!”

Alongside the feature’s rollout, TikTok says it has also joined the FIDO Alliance, stressing its intention to promote passkeys among all users in the future. “TikTok is joining hundreds of global tech leaders in the FIDO Alliance that have come together in support of the organization’s mission to reduce the world’s reliance on passwords,” the company notes. “As alliance members, we contribute to this mission by influencing the development of FIDO specifications, establishing best practices for the deployment of FIDO Authentication, and driving global awareness of the Alliance and its mission.”


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