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Taiwan-based semiconductor company TSMC shared that there would be a delay in the chip production of its Arizona facility. The plan is now moved from late 2024 until 2025, with the company citing issues related to worker shortage. This postponement is expected to partially affect Apple‘s plans for its future devices as the company plans to use the computer chips that will be built from the said plant. (via Bloomberg)

TSMC Chairman Mark Liu explained that several problems led to the decision, including a shortage of skilled workers who could handle the installation of advanced equipment needed in the plant operation. Nonetheless, the company said it would bring some workers from Taiwan to Arizona to resolve this issue. Liu confirmed this on a conference call after a second-quarter earnings call.

“We are working on improving this by sending skilled technical workers from Taiwan to the US,” Liu said.

Liu also admitted that the operation of the Arizona plant would cost the company more compared to what it already does in Taiwan. No details were shared on what moves the company will make to alleviate this issue, however.

Given that TSMC is a huge Apple supplier, this delay could affect Apple’s device production plans, though to an unspecified degree. As said, the Cupertino company already expects to use the 4-nanometer chips from the facility for its future devices. In the future, Apple also hopes to employ TSMC’s 3-nanometer node for its future M3-series chips and the later production of its iPhone 15 line. Apple can still rely on the Taiwan factories of TSMC for these things, but having another source in Arizona will certainly benefit the company in its production plans.


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