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You might have noticed that Elon Musk’s team has started rolling out a new icon for the rebranded Twitter platform, which is now called X. After Android, iOS users are now seeing the new black X logo replacing the old blue bird icon of the social media app. However, the platform’s name on the App Store remains the same due to Apple’s policy.

Changes in the old Twitter platform started when Musk took over the company. Musk’s leadership first targeted the platform’s own employees, resulting in layoffs. It was followed by some significant changes and feature rollouts on the platform, including the start of the Blue subscription and features like the Edit button and more. And after making huge API changes and post-viewing limits on the app, Musk has decided to fully transform the old Twitter branding of the app to X.

The new logo should now be visible to Android and iOS users. Yet, despite this change, the old name of the app remains the same on the Apple App Store, with the company still referring to the app as Twitter in its last update release note. As pointed out by users, the App Store requires apps to be named at least two characters. In this case, Apple’s App Store app naming policy is the only reason blocking Musk’s ultimate plan to fully transform the platform into his preferred X brand… unless Apple made some exceptions, which is likely possible.

To recall, it was reported recently that Musk’s Tesla app on the App Store implemented an update, which violates Apple’s App Store policies. First spotted by Gizmodo’s Thomas Germain, the feature is called “View Live Camera” and should allow iOS customers to access the in-car camera of their Tesla EV using their iPhones. However, the report noted that the feature does not offer Apple’s In-App Purchase as a payment option, adding users can only use their credit card. This started the speculation that Apple is tolerating Tesla’s (or Musk’s in general) actions.

There are no clear reasons to explain why Apple would allow such a move, but the meeting between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Musk must have played a huge factor in this. As Germain noted, prior to Musk being invited by Cook to a meeting, the former used to lambast the iPhone maker on different occasions on his own platform. This surprisingly changed after that, with Musk tweeting good things about Cook.

So, will Apple do the same to the X app and allow Musk to completely change Twitter to a single-letter brand X? Tell us your opinion in the comment section!


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