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In the future, you’ll be able to use your iPhone to identify the meaning of any laundry symbols you see. As spotted by Federico Viticci of MacStories, the capability is included in iOS 17 update, which is now being tested in the beta stage.

iOS 17 is truly loaded with new features and improvements, and one of the sections getting significant enhancements and additions is Apple’s Visual Look Up feature. On the preview page of the Cupertino company for iOS 17, Apple shares some of the things added to the update. However, there are still some details that are not divulged. That includes the new ability to recognize different laundry symbols using your iPhone’s camera.

As discovered by Viticci, the capability will be included in the Visual Look Up feature of iOS 17. Using it, users will be able to take a photo, and the system will automatically recognize the laundry symbols, whether it is zoomed in or not. Swiping up from the picture will show its details, where you can also access the Information icon to view the details of the detected symbols. The results will list the symbols alongside their definitions and sources. Tapping them will bring you the source.

It is just one of the new capabilities of Visual Look Up in iOS 17. According to Apple, the update will also bring the new ability to suggest recipes for similar dishes from a photo. The feature identifies the main ingredients in the images and lists some recipes where they can be used. However, Visual Look Up won’t directly suggest the exact recipe for the dish in the picture.

Additionally, iOS 17 will allow users to “look up” the information about a subject you lifted or cropped from the photo. This option will be available in the callout menu. Aside from lifting subjects from photos, users can also extract objects from videos when they pause them. According to Apple, this will apply to any frame in the video, and users can simply tap the subject to lift them.


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