What Is LG IMS? and How to Fix

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There’s a lot of confusion related to LG IMS; in this article, we have explained its actual meaning and have described how you can fix the “LG IMS has stopped issue.” We have also covered some frequently asked questions and other problems reported by users. 

LG IMS Meaning?

LG IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is a framework that is responsible for delivering services like Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) and (Wi-Fi calling). LG devices don’t use this framework exclusively; it can be found on devices by other manufactures too. In LG devices, the package name of this framework is com.lge.ims, and there is nothing wrong if you see it in the running Android system apps.

LG IMS Issues Reported By Users

Below we have covered three most common issues caused by LG IMS. Two of them are not actually issues, they are reported by users but it’s just how the framework works. The only known issue caused by LG IMS is “Unfortunately, LG IMS Has Stopped.”

High Battery Usage

According to some users, LG IMS is responsible for high battery usage, and they think it’s an issue. As mentioned before, it is a framework that is responsible for delivering services like Wi-Fi calling. When people see IMS (com.lge.ims) in the top apps of battery usage, they think the app is draining the battery, but in reality, it could be because of using phone mostly for VoLTE or Wi-Fi calling.

Location Turning on Automatically 

No matter what carrier you are on and what device you use, IMS service can automatically turn on the location services to locate you and use that info for Wi-Fi calling without interruptions. Also, suppose Android Emergency Location Service (ELS) is disabled on your mobile or unavailable in your country. In that case, your device will not be able to share your location when contacting emergency services, but your carrier may share the location. 

Unfortunately, LG IMS Has Stopped

LG IMS message is a problem that can start popping up on devices like the LG G series, Stylo, LG wing, and more. Sometimes it pops up occasionally, and in some instances, it just does not stop, preventing you from using your device. We don’t have the exact reason why the LG IMS starts malfunctioning like this, but we sure know how to fix it. Please check out the next section to figure out how to solve the issue.


How to fix “Unfortunately, LG IMS Has Stopped” Problem?

There are multiple solutions for this issue; we have tried to cover all so you can try them, and one of them should definitely work. 

Method 1) Uninstall Recently Updated/Installed Applications

Sometimes the LG IMS dialog starts popping up after updating or installing apps. You can find all the installed apps in settings and check if there is any app that you installed or updated recently. Once done, the message issue may stop. 

Method 2) Change the IP Version Using the Hidden Menu

  1. Go to the hidden menu by dialing 277634#*#.
  2. Find and tap on “IP Version.”
  3. Change the setting from “IPV6V4” to “IPV4V6.”

If the “Unfortunately LG IMS has stopped” keeps popping up, you can enable the flight mode and disable it once you are done with the hidden menu settings. 

Method 3) Factory Reset Your Mobile 

Most people avoid factory resetting their device because of setting up the device again, but if you cannot fix the message issue using method 1, method 2, you can factory reset and hopefully, the message will not appear again.

Note: Factory resetting will permanently wipe your data; before you rest your device, we recommend you backup everything important.  

There are two ways to factory reset Android devices, resetting using the side button or through device settings. Below we have mentioned how you can reset your device through device settings, keep in mind that the steps can be slightly different depending upon your Android OS version. 

  1. Go to Settings > General tab > Backup & reset.
  2. Tap on Factory reset to start the process. 

If your device warns you about wiping data, accept it and wait until it completed the process, and restarts your phone.

Method 4) Disable the LG IMS 

As mentioned before, LG IMS is an important framework; once it’s disabled, you will not be able to use VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling. So if none of the methods is working for you, try disabling it using the steps mentioned below. If it’s something you don’t want to do, you can check method 5. 

  1. Go to the hidden menu by dialing 277634#*#.
  2. Tap on Field test > Modem settings > VoLTE on/off.
  3. Now disable IMS and restart your phone.

Method 5) Install a Custom or Stock ROM

It can be slightly complicated for people with low tech knowledge to install a custom or stock ROM. It’s up to you which one you want to flash, but we recommend choosing stock Rom. IF you plan to go ahead with custom ROM, you can Google ”How to flash custom ROM on (device name) and follow the steps to complete the process. If you want to install stock ROM, follow the steps described in the video attached below, or you can find a guide using Google. 

Website where you can download LG stock ROM: lgstockrom.com


Is LG IMS a spy app?

No, neither it’s a spy app nor has anything to do with hacking. It is a framework responsible for Wi-Fi calling and more. 

Is LG IMS a Spyware?

No, LG IMS is not Spyware, some people consider it Bloatware, but they are wrong too. 


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