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If you are here, you probably noticed  “waiting for s.yimg.com…” in the bottom corner of your browser screen while opening Yahoo websites like Yahoo mail. In this article, we have answered frequently asked questions like what is it? How does it work? And we have also answered if it’s safe or not. 

What Is s.yimg.com and What Does It Do?

s.yimg.com is a domain owned and used by Yahoo! inc for delivering static content faster. s.yimg.com (static.yahooimages.com) is a part of Yahoo’s content delivery network (CDN), and it’s perfectly safe. Google also uses a similar way of delivering static content using their static server gstatic.com

Is s.yimg.com a Virus/Malware?

No, some websites claim the s.yimg.com is a virus, so they can sell their antivirus and malware removing tools. These websites usually refer to s.yimg.com as a virus that causes the websites to load slower, but it’s completely untrue; if you see “waiting for s.yimg.com…” on the bottom left corner of your browser screen, it means that static files are waiting to be loaded from the server that hosts Yahoo’s static content. Sometimes the site may not load for the following reasons: 

  1. ISP issues
  2. DNS Issues
  3. Flashplayer issues
  4. Adblockers preventing it from loading
  5. Firewall issues preventing it from loading

Is YIMG a Tracker?

According to Whotracks.me, 1.8 of web traffic is tracked by YIMG, but we believe there is nothing wrong with that because YIMG is only used to deliver content and does not track your personal activity. 

Can You Remove s.yimg.com?

No, if you use Yahoo sites like Yahoo mail, you cannot remove s.yimg.com; as mentioned before, it is the domain used by Yahoo for delivering static content like images, stylesheets, fonts, etc. You can block the s.yimg.com, but that will not remove it; if you block the domain, the sites that use it may fail to load properly. 

What to Do If s.yimg.com Is Not Responding?

Before we answer this, keep in mind, s.yimg.com has nothing to do with any browser like Chrome or Firefox; some people think it is a component of a browser, but as explained earlier, it is not. 

If you see “waiting for s.yimg.com…”, you are not the only one. There are multiple reasons why Yahoo can fail to load content thus, you end up seeing the waiting message on the bottom corner of your screen. You can fix this issue by trying one of the solutions mentioned below:

1.Allow and Delete Cookies for the page 

Click on the lock icon next to the URL bar and allow the cookies if they are being blocked by the browser. If there are no blocked cookies, delete all the cookies for the s.yimg.com domain. 

2.Change DNS Settings on Your Device

Your current Domain Name System (DNS) settings can be the reason behind the issue; we recommend you use a reliable DNS by Google or Cloudflare.

  1. Enter DNS and search domain settings on Mac
  2. Get faster Internet with better DNS
  3. How to make Android use the DNS server of your choice
  4. How to change DNS settings on your PC running Windows 10

3.Check your ISP (Internet service provider)

ISP can also be the reason behind this issue, try connecting your device to a different network and check if it solves the problem.

4.Check Installed Adblockers and Firewall Tools

If you have a poorly developed adblocker or firewall antivirus software, uninstall them and try accessing the website again. If the URL is being blocked by any of these softwares, it will not show ”waiting for s.yimg.com”, and the page would load quickly and normally. 


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