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Wireless gaming mice are no longer frustrating to use. Just a few years ago, using a wireless gaming mouse meant compromising with gaming experience. Because of connection drops, miserable battery life and lag, a wired gaming mouse was every gamer’s choice, but not anymore.

With improved sensors and comfortable shapes, most players prefer a wireless gaming mouse nowadays. The only difference between a frustrating experience and an astounding experience is choosing the right mouse with perfect shape and accurate sensor.


Logitech G703 Lightspeed

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The Logitech G703 Lightspeed is not the best-looking gaming mouse on the market today, but it feels marvelous in hand. It has the same shape as the original 403, which was very popular. G703 comes with six buttons, main left and right buttons, two side buttons, DPI switch button, and the middle click button. It has a Pixart PMW3366 sensor with 12,000DPI. For charging, You can disconnect the lightspeed receiver from the cable and connect the cable to the mouse. The cable is both data and charge, so you can use the mouse while it’s charging.

If you want to increase the weight of the mouse, you can use an optional 10-gram weight that comes inside the box. You can find the magnetic weight door underside of the mouse, remove it, place the 10-gram metal weight and place the door back. The battery life is not that great at 24 hours with RGB lights enabled and 32 hours with RGB disabled. But it’s not a problem. You can use PowerPlay, which is an induction wireless charging system. With the PowerPlay mat, you will never have to charge the mouse using the cable.

There’s almost nothing to complain about its performance, except the spongy scroll wheel. Tracking feels smooth and consistent. Performance settings can be changed using the Logitech Gaming Software. You can also reassign buttons to other functions and Sync RGB lighting with other Logitech devices. You will not experience connection issues even if the adaptor is placed more than 1m away from the mouse, which is all that matters for a wireless mouse.

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If you are looking for a wireless gaming mouse with excellent performance and which feels great in hand, over a big flashy mouse, then it’s the best device available on the market today. Charging your mouse can be frustrating, but with PowerPlay, you can continuously charge even while you play. It’s expensive but worth the money.


Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed

Check buttonThe Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed is an affordable wireless gaming mouse. Weighs around 83 grams without battery, which is quite light for its size. It is best for medium to large size hands. On the bottom of the mouse, you can find the sensor, four pads, and a toggle button for Bluetooth, wireless, and the 2.4 GHz USB receiver mode.

It has Razer 5G Advanced optical sensor with 16,000DPI and tracking at speeds up to 450 IPS and accelerations up to 40G. Both sides of the mouse have a grippy material. It has six programmable buttons, but it does not have optical switches like other Basilisk mice, that are rated for 70 million clicks. It features mechanical mouse switches rated for 50 million clicks, which are not bad either.

DPI settings and buttons can be customized using Razer Synapse. You can remove the magnetically held cover and access the single AA battery and a nano receiver. The mouse lacks RGB lighting, and there is no option for charging. AA battery lasts up to 285 hours on HyperSpeed and 450 hours on Bluetooth mode. Razer claims the Basilisk X Hyperspeed is 25 percent faster than any other wireless gaming mouse. It performs excellently and never struggles to aim at targets.

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It’s the right choice if you want an affordable high-performance wireless gaming mouse without charging worries. You can use Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed for 2 hours every day for four months before the AA battery runs out.


Logitech G305 Lightspeed

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The Logitech G305 Lightspeed is a small 99 grams mouse with an AA battery installed. Weight can be decreased using a lithium AA battery or an AAA battery with a converter. It has side buttons only on the left side. Even with the simple shape, it is not the most comfortable mouse. The sides are slightly textured while the top is smooth. There is no RGB lighting or power indicator.

You can find the power switch underside of the mouse. The main left and right buttons are rated 10 million clicks, half the life span compared to the G pro. It has a Hero sensor used in other Lightspeed mice previously. The battery is average at 250 hours.

There is no Bluetooth option in this one. The shape of the mouse can be a personal choice, but we feel it is not designed for gaming, it feels more like a mouse for regular use. The reason we reviewed this mouse is, it is affordable, and performance is satisfying.

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If you want a small affordable mouse with a decent battery and satisfying performance, G305 can be suitable for you. However, the shape and click rating is a personal choice.


Logitech G502 Lightspeed

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The Logitech G502 Lightspeed is a high-end wireless gaming mouse, but it’s pricy. If you can afford it, G502 will not disappoint you. It is a light mouse, but various weights can be added to it. It comes with four 2gm weights and two 4gm weights. With a whopping 11 well-positioned buttons, the G502 Lightspeed is equipped for any game.

We find the scroll wheel resistance button very useful. The scroll wheel can click side-to-side, so you got three buttons on the wheel. It also has a programmable button that checks the battery level. It’s a right-handed gaming mouse, not suitable for left-handed gamers. Battery life is excellent, and it’s compatible with Logitech’s PowerPlay wireless charging system, so charging is not an issue here.

It features Logitech’s 16,000 CPI HERO sensor. The sensor offers perfect tracking at max speeds over 400 IPS and max accelerations over 40G. Diving into the software, it is easy to use. You can reassign buttons and control lighting. It is advised to use this software for a mouse with this many buttons.

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It has a flawless sensor, no latency, excellent battery life, compatible with Powerplay mousepad. If you are looking for a wireless gaming mouse with multiple programmable buttons and adjustable weights, G502 should be your pick.

Who should buy a wireless gaming mouse

Wireless gaming mice are more expensive than wired gaming mice. You can switch to wireless if you want to reduce desktop mess, you care more for comfort and ease. Because of connection drops, miserable battery life, and lag, wireless mice had a bad reputation for years.

All of these issues have been resolved with mice like Logitech G703 Lightspeed and Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed available on the market today. If you fall towards the comfort and ease side, don’t wait to test a wireless gaming mouse.

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