What is YGPS- Why does it have every permission?

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Ever thought about what YGPS is and why it has all your device’s permission? Even if you know the basics of this app, understanding why it comes with all the consent may become tricky if you don’t know the correct usage of it. Thus, here we are with the guide based on all you should know about the app YGPS. Let us scroll it down.

What is YGPS?

YGPS stands for, Your Global Positioning System, which is an application that caters for showing the signal strength and location of the GPS satellites. With the help of this application, one can know the GPS satellites via which your device is connected, irrespective of time and place.

The app works well in monitoring SIM, SMS, and device through the GPS monitoring feature. To use this application on your Android device, your device must have version Android v1.5 and above. You will only have to permit access to GPS, and the app will be good to go.


Why does YGPS have every permission?

The app YGPS have all the permission of your device. Ever wondered why? It is solely because of the fact that it is a system application with beau coup permissions. In simple language, it means that the permissions such as SMS, Phone, SIM and GPS will be given to this app without your consent. If you ask why, it is because without having these permissions, the app will be unable to perform its functioning.

All this information and permissions aren’t just vital but mandatory. Also, on the other hand, the developers of the application did not want the app to have issues due to the inaccessibility of permissions and thus, the app is developed in a certain way that it comes along with all the permissions to avoid difficulties later.


Features of the YGPS app

What are the features of the app that makes it unique and worth using from the other ones? Let us know them here-

  • Aids in checking GPS navigation- This app is going to work well if you are looking to configure the GPS navigation parameters, as the app works through your device’s GPS and locates you on the map.
  • Designed for MTK processor devices- The app is specially designed for smart devices that use the MTK processors, such as Lenovo, Nokia, Oppo, Vivo, etc.
  • Evaluates your GPS receiver’s quality- With the help of this application, it will be easier for you to understand the quality of your device’s GPS receiver and see if it is working well or not.
  • Evaluates the satellite signal strength- Since the app works through satellite, it will also aid in assessing the satellite signal strength.
  • Compatible with Android devices- If you’re using the current Android version, you’re good to go with this app as it is compatible with the current Android versions available in the market.
  • Free and legitimate- The app is not only free to use but also legitimate, so you do not need to worry about the invasion of your privacy while using it.


Does YGPS drain your device’s battery? If yes, how?

The short answer to the question if the YGPS app drains your device’s battery or not is yes, it does. Since the app will have GPS calls constantly in the background of your device, it will impact your device’s battery life in a particular manner. Other than that, the app comes with permission for almost all of your device’s essential features, and that will affect the battery life.

Needless to say, GPS is one of the biggest reasons why your phone’s battery drains faster than usual, and if an app has access to it all the time, it is going to drain it. As much as people are aware of the fact that GPS ruins their device’s battery life, not everyone is known the reason why. Let us understand it here with some basics.

The GPS receiver is basically a tiny chip with antennae hidden inside your device, which keeps the connection alive to the cell towers to understand your live location. It works in understanding your location even when you’re not accessible to your internet connection or Wi-Fi.

The moment you enable the location services feature, your device will start searching the satellites (GPS constellation), and even though your device’s GPS chip may not be able to send the signals, it will be able to receive the signals to understand your correct location.

Even if you aren’t in a place where networks are strong, but you have your GPS turned on, you will see that your device’s battery will start draining faster than the usual time, whereas the speed of the battery consumed by your device will be way too lesser than this while you’re in a place where the networks are strong.

For e.g., suppose you’re travelling in a car or a train where you do not have good signals, but your battery is draining fast. The reason is the metal roof and nearby satellites your GPS is searching for. Your device will never go to sleep mode while keeping the GPS on as it (GPS) will keep on as it will keep searching for the satellites.


Can we save our battery’s health with YGPS? If yes, how?

Yes, although it is correct that your device’s battery will drain while having the YGPS app on your device, you still can manage to save your battery’s health easily by using some of the methods that we are sharing below-

Note there’s no such method to save 100% of your battery using the YGPS app, but with the methods provided below, you can reduce your device’s draining capacity. 

1. Go for static background and dark theme.

Since most of the smart devices come with AMOLED and OLED displays, it is easier for the user to use the dark mode feature and have the dark wallpaper instead of the light one that would work in saving the battery of their devices. The more you go for the simple, basic and dark background, the more you will end up saving battery.

Know that LCD screens aren’t very battery efficient as their pixels are not illuminated, it is recommended to go for the OLED ones. Also, if your wallpaper is 3D or has some special effects used, it will take more battery than usual.

2. Keep the app updated. 

Even if we talk in general, it is always advisable to keep your app updated as with every updated version; you can avail more features, enhance safety and more. Since the bugs and issues will be fixed, it will improve the performance of the app, and your battery life will also get impacted by the same.

3. Go for a GPS-based app. 

Yes, we know that GPS-based applications are one of the main reasons why your phone’s battery drains. However, if you’re using a GPS-based app and running it in the background (Such apps run in the background and save a lot of your battery), it will efficiently help in knowing your location and the app YGPS will end up not using a lot of battery of your phone. 

4. Keep your phone charged.

Most people make the mistake of charging their devices only when they end up having no battery in their devices. If you’re doing it, please know that you’re affecting your battery’s life, and this is not a wise thing to do to save your battery. On the other hand, even if you’re charging your phone too frequently, you will end up having the same issue, and thus, one must keep their devices charged between 40-80% and not charge it more than twice a day.

5. Go for the battery-saving mode. 

It is also an excellent measure to take if you want to save some battery. By using the extended battery saving mode, you will activate the power saving mode, and it will extend the battery life of your device. All these smart devices come with this battery-saving mode irrespective of the brands and models. You can find it from the drop-down menu and enable it.

Know that there will be a normal power saving mode and a super power saving mode available. If you are using the super power saving mode, it will not let you use all of your device’s apps and will minimise it to the basic ones only, such as messenger and calling feature. 

6. Keep your brightness level medium. 

Another great hack to keep your battery level moderate is to use the brightness level low. If you are keeping the brightness level high all the time, even while you’re not using the device when the sun is direct, you’re definitely draining your battery level and avoiding this can save a lot of your battery for sure.

7. Make sure that your battery is in good condition.

If your device’s battery is not in good condition, you’re basically extending it without a purpose. Every device’s battery life comes with an expiry. If you haven’t considered changing your device’s battery, replacing it with a new one is recommended, and you will see a drastic change and a sudden increment in your phone’s battery life.

8. Do not use your phone while charging

If you have plugged your device from the charger, make sure that you’re not using it. While getting your device charged, it is vital to understand that your device needs a break, and thus, you must not use it for the given time period. If you keep using it while charging, you’re forcing the battery, and it can lead to consequences such as battery draining or a short lifespan of it. Also, make sure that the charger cord you’re using is also not broken and in good condition.


Is the YGPS app safe?

YGPS is a system application that is 100% legitimate and safe for your device. Even though you’re giving all the necessary permission to this app, you still do not have to worry about anything, as the app causes no harm but good.

Is it possible to disable YGPS?

Yes, although it is possible to disable the YGPS app, but is not recommended. The app is one of the safest apps to have, and it takes all your device’s permission just to locate you geographically. Also it also monitors other applications in your device but does not interfere. To disable the YGPS application, you need to go to settings>apps>permission. 

Is YGPS available for iOS?

No, the YGPS app is only available for Android users using version v1.5 and above. You can not download it on your iOS device.

Do we need to buy a premium subscription to the YGPS app?

No, the app is entirely free of charge, and thus, there’s no need to spend a single penny in order to use this app. All you need to do is to download the app and give access to all the required permission. Once done, the app is good to go.

How to download the YGPS app on Android?

To download the YGPS app on your android device, you need to go through the play store of your app and search for the app. If you’re not able to do it, you can also download it from the official website of the app.


Wrapping up,

Now that you’ve gone through the article and the information included, we’re hopeful that all your queries have been resolved. However, if you still have a question that remains unsolved, please feel free to comment and let us know. We will try to get back to you asap. 


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