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Apple recently released a new video promoting the camera power of the iPhone 14 Pro. It seems part of the company’s continuous effort to promote the iPhone 14 series, although it is expected to release the new iPhone 15 line soon.

The iPhone 15 series is expected in September, alongside the official release of the iOS 17 update. According to recent reports, production in China has already started, while factories in India are expected to follow soon. The company seems to be expecting a lot from iPhone 15 sales, with reports claiming Apple wants to produce 85 to 90 million iPhone 15 units to meet the anticipated demand. Despite this, Apple is not taking for granted its current flagship line, the iPhone 14 series.

Last Sunday, the company even released a video showcasing the capability of the iPhone 14 Pro to produce professional-grade videos using its own camera system. Titled “The Great Escape,” the video was posted on Apple’s YouTube channel in Turkey, featuring Istanbul’s streets and Grand Bazaar.

The video has now garnered over 4 million views as of writing, and it is no surprise since the video itself is enticing. It shows an action-packed scene between a skater and cops, but its main highlight lies in the visuals of the video.

Of course, some third-party apps and tools were certainly used for some sections of the video, but Apple managed to put the spotlight on iPhone 14 Pro in the video. According to Apple, “from start to finish,” the video employed iPhone 14 Pro’s camera features, including Macro shooting, Cinematic mode, and Motion mode. The narration even underlined the capability of the model to capture even the fine details in low light or prevent shakes during filming. It also highlighted iPhone 14 Pro’s 240fps in slow motion mode, 4K, and smooth background-foreground shifting.

It is uncertain why Apple chose to use iPhone 14 in the video, but it is probably aimed at boosting the model’s sales in Turkey’s market. According to a Wave7 Research report shared by JPMorgan Chase, Apple’s iPhone 14 series US sales in April were dominated by the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max with 19% and 18% market shares, respectively. The iPhone 14 Pro model followed at 15%, with iPhone 14 Plus being last at 7%. It is unclear if this is the same case in Turkey, but the video promoting the iPhone 14 Pro model indicates that Apple wants to aid the model’s sales in the place. This is also an interesting move from Apple since the release of the iPhone 15 line is already approaching, showing its dedication to continue marketing the iPhone 14 as a powerful line of its brand.


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