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Are you still waiting for your iPhone 15 Pro Max? Well, high demand and low supply are probably not the only things that make it hard to get the top-tier model: Apple might be accidentally sending them in bunches to the wrong people. According to an Apple customer, Apple allegedly sent him three boxes of iPhone 15 Pro Max containing 60 units with a 1TB configuration, equating to $96,000 in retail value.


Someone reallyyy screwed up 😭 #fyp

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TikTok user @legends_gio (via @appltrack on X) shared the experience recently, showing the three boxes of iPhone 15 Pro Max. The user claimed he ordered only four iPhone 15 Pro Max units directly from Apple in September. The order reportedly consisted of one iPhone 15 Pro Max with 1TB storage and three units of the same model with 256GB configuration.

On his TikTok account, the user shared that the 1TB unit was delivered. However, instead of three 256GB units, the user received three huge boxes of more 1TB iPhone 15 Pro Max units, with each box containing 20 units. Needless to say, the company seemingly failed not just to deliver the three 256GB iPhone 15 Pro Max of the customer but also replaced them with 60 1TB variants of the model.

While the whole experience sounds like good news, Apple will likely contact the user to return the units in case they are indeed delivered by mistake. If the individual refuses, the company can easily brick the smartphones, making them unusable for anyone. While that would give Apple the last laugh, it is undeniable that losing 60 units of 1TB iPhone 15 Pro Max is a huge loss for Apple, especially these times when it is experiencing supply issues with the model.

We reached out to the user to confirm the experience, and we will update this story soon. In case Apple provides its comment, we will also give more details.


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