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The iPhone 15 Pro Max is the winner in terms of the fastest median download speed in the US. According to the data shared by connectivity intelligence firm Ookla, the model reached 251.37Mbps median download speed in its test, while its median upload speed hit 16.68Mbps.

Ookla shares the details after testing the top five most popular devices across the US. As the data shows, the top-most model of the iPhone 15 series managed to exceed the download speed performances of other smartphone brand models by almost 100Mbps. The model is followed by its Pro sibling, the iPhone 15 Pro, which obtained a 227.41Mbps median download speed and a 14.59Mbps median upload speed.

The list continues with the Galaxy S23 Ultra in third place (159.15Mbps download/13.81Mbps upload). Meanwhile, Galaxy Z Fold4 (145.76Mbps download/11.20Mbps upload) and Pixel 7 Pro (139.47Mbps download/13.19Mbps upload) ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

The result is a huge comeback for Apple after its iPhone 14 Pro Max was beaten by Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold4, and Pixel 7 Pro in the Q2 2023 test conducted by Ookla. What makes this an interesting win for Apple is the huge speed improvement its new iPhone 15 Pro Max reached compared to its predecessor, which only had a 127.83Mbps median download speed result last quarter.

The data supports earlier reports about the speed capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro models. In September, the HTML5 Internet speed test of SpeedSmart on iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 Pro models from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon showed that the new smartphones reached up to 24% faster 5G connectivity.

These improvements are possible through Qualcomm‘s new Snapdragon X70 modem. Thankfully, the Pro models of the new line aren’t the only ones that could experience this speed enhancement. As revealed by iFixit lead teardown technician Shahram Mokhtari last week, all the units in the iPhone 15 series are employing an updated Qualcomm 5G modem.

“A lot of people have asked whether the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are still using last years Qualcomm X65 modem or the new X70 seen in the 15 Pro’s,” the technician posted. “Here’s your answer: Apple didn’t just throw last year’s Pro logic boards into this year’s baseline models. They upgraded them, too.”


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