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While this week is generally thrilling for many Apple fans due to the announcement of the new iPhone 15 models, it has also brought some bad news: Apple has finally discontinued the iPhone 3 mini. This marks the end of the iPhone mini era and Apple’s acceptance of defeat that such a size would sufficiently attract the market.

The arrival of a new smartphone series in Apple always leads to some adjustments in unit lineups. In the past years, Apple also discontinued some iPhone models when new phones were introduced to the public. In 2022, the Cupertino giant removed the iPhone 12 mini from its stores alongside the arrival of the iPhone 14.

The discontinuation of the iPhone 13 mini, nonetheless, is different as it was the last 5.4-inch iPhone of Apple. This officially ended Apple’s compact-size offering, which echoes its insignificant impact on the company’s sales.

As we reported in June:

Apple faced challenges as early as the release of the iPhone 12 mini, which reportedly sold below Apple’s expectations. It allegedly pushed the company to decrease the model’s production in 2021. Data firm Counterpoint Research then revealed that the iPhone 12 mini was just 5% of Apple’s overall smartphone lineup sales in early January 2021. Unfortunately, almost the same happened to the company’s iPhone 13 mini, especially in the Chinese market. In response, Apple discontinued the iPhone 12 mini and even started selling mini phones at discounted prices, indicating the company’s determination to completely drop the models.

Some fans are still expressing interest in the compact Apple smartphones. However, the move might be the final affirmation of Apple’s plan to completely abandon any further mini plans in the future. On a positive note, Apple customers still have the option to opt for the 3rd-gen iPhone SE, which has a 4.7 inch. It is the model with the size closest to the discontinued iPhone minis. However, it is expected to change in the future, with rumors claiming the next-generation iPhone SE will have a larger screen.


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