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After the success of its Emergency SOS via Satellite feature, Apple is now expanding its satellite-based service to other purposes that could aid more iPhone users in their daily lives. Called “Emergency Roadside Assistance via Satellite,” the Cupertino giant said it will be a handy feature for individuals with vehicle issues in remote areas without connectivity.

Apple said it is built on the same satellite technology as the Emergency SOS service, allowing both to work similarly. However, as Apple pointed out, Emergency SOS is designed “for serious emergencies that require a first responder,” while the new service will focus on vehicular issues in areas with no cellular or Wi-Fi coverage.

Emergency Roadside Assistance features a dedicated UI that will ask users about specific road problems that will require specific services and equipment. Once an issue is selected, it will provide users instructions to find the right spot where the device can connect to the satellite and share the information (e.g., location and issues) with Apple’s roadside assistance provider partner, the AAA.

As per Apple, the service is covered by AAA membership but will also be available separately for non-members. And just like in the launch of the Emergency SOS in iPhone 14, Apple said that Emergency Roadside Assistance will be free for two years with iPhone 15.

The new service introduction is likely one of the reasons behind Globalstar’s new satellite launching project. The company is Apple’s service provider for the feature and will reportedly pay SpaceX $64 million to assist it in the launch of new satellites into space. According to an earlier report, the satellites will specifically be used for Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite. However, with the latest news, it is certain that it will also cover Emergency Roadside Assistance in the future as Apple introduces the new iPhone 15 models to the market.


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