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Starting in August, you will be able to order from Apple’s new EasyPay Online Ordering program and have your purchases delivered to your home. This is expected to benefit customers by offering convenience when buying bulky items like iMac. The new option should also allow Apple to continuously offer products unavailable in its physical stores, ensuring better sales possibilities in the future.

The new program was uncovered by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who shared it in the Power On newsletter. The tech journalist shared a part of the memo sent to Apple retail employees, which details Apple’s plan to help customers get any item they need from the store.

“We want all our customers to leave the store with exactly what they came for,” the memo reads. “And this will be easier with EasyPay Online Ordering, launching in early August. With a single bag transaction, you’ll have the option of different fulfillment methods, like shipping or personalizing a product.”

As expected, the new program is meant to benefit Apple as well. By offering online ordering broadly, the company will be able to ensure to sell customers all the products it offers, even the ones commonly out-of-stock in its Apple Stores.

According to Gurman, the new program could be a preparation for the arrival of the Apple Vision Pro headset, which will come with different separate accessories. And given that some of these accessories won’t constantly be available at stores, offering them via online home delivery makes sense.

EasyPay Online Ordering is one of Apple’s latest strategies. In May, the company started exploring China’s growing online livestreaming market. Its initial livestream was a success after it accumulated 300,000 likes and over 1.3 million viewers in just an hour. It was followed in July by the Cupertino company’s mini-program in China’s super app WeChat, allowing it to make sales online on the said platform. This expands Apple’s current online connection with Chinese customers, made possible through JD.com and Alibaba Group’s Tmall. And with the arrival of its EasyPay Online Ordering program, it seems Apple now has a broader plan to fully embrace the online selling of its products, not just in China but in different parts of the world in the future. 


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