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London’s Court of Appeal has ruled that Apple indeed infringed two 4G patents of Optis. The decision, released this Tuesday, says that the patents are being used on Apple devices like iPhones and iPads.

The case started in 2019 when Optis, based in Texas, sued Apple for using its patents. The former stated that patents were crucial for technological standards like 4G. The Court then favored Optis’ claims in 2022, but Apple made an appeal in May this year. The Cupertino company claimed that it didn’t infringe the patents and that they were non-essential for 4G standards. The appeal, however, was received with rejection.

The case is just one of the current issues Apple is facing. Recently, it was also reported that the giant was planning to challenge a judge’s antitrust order regarding the case pushed by Epic Games. Here, the iPhone maker will appeal to the US Supreme Court to undo the ruling requiring it to make significant changes in its payment policies in the App Store. To recall, Epic Games sued Apple in 2020, questioning the practices that allow Apple to collect fees from in-app payments being made on App Store. The judge then ruled that Apple should not stop developers and app creators from offering other payment options to users, even if it will take outside the App Store. Apparently, the move could affect Apple’s business, so the company is pushing to reverse the decision. 


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