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iOS 17’s revamped Apple Music player has certainly caught the heart of beta testers and other fans. A lot of its sections have been improved, but here’s what makes these improvements much better: they are also coming to Android users. (via 9To5Mac)

A lot of things have been improved in the app. First is the overall look of the Now Playing interface player, wherein the album art of the interface is now extended to the entire screen of the device. (Note: It will only apply to albums that support the animated artwork.) It will also cover the portion where the control buttons are located, making the appearance of the music player more visually pleasing and seamlessly smooth from top to bottom.

The Music app now has a new View Credits section, giving you different details about a song, including lyrics, artist, production and engineering, and available audio quality. It can be accessed by tapping the three-dot menu next to the song item.

These are just some of the features already included in the iOS 17 version of Apple Music, which will also be heading to Android users on an unspecified date. The features are now visible in the 4.3.0 beta version of Apple Music for Android, which means Apple is now preparing them for the Android users of the app. There are still no words on when they will be released to the actual app, though Apple might likely do it alongside the official release of iOS 17.


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