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iOS 17 is expected to have its public beta release this week or next week. Nonetheless, Apple still released another beta of the update for the early testers under the developer beta phase. This is the third beta (Build 21A5277h) of iOS 17 for developers, and it comes with many improvements and additional small features. Unfortunately, the beta is still far from perfect, and numerous known issues remain. Here’s everything you need to know about iOS 17 Beta 3:

  • Different testers report faster OS in Beta 3.
  • Beta 3 brings a modem update, bringing the former 2.04.00 to 2.04.01.
  • The Music app now has a new View Credits section, giving you different details about a song, including lyrics, artist, production and engineering, and available audio quality. It can be accessed by tapping the three-dot menu next to the song item.
  • The Messages app now shows the last photo you used. It replaces the image icon from the list of attachment options when you click the + sign.
  • In the Mental Wellbeing in the Health app, the Past 30 Days section now directly shows the State of Mind.
  • There is a management section for adjusting the Health of Mind log reminder schedule.
  • The State of Mind section also has some UI improvements. You’ll notice that the moods’ color tones have changed when you move the slider on the page.
  • The Weather app has a “New Wind Map” option, giving you more details about the wind speed in your location.
  • The Air Quality section in the Weather app has been improved. The box containing the details is now larger, and there is minimal layout change.
  • The Recover and Delete options are put into a menu in the Recently Deleted section in Photos. In Beta 2, the controls were directly accessible at the bottom of the screen.
  • There is a new Save as Video option in the menu for Live Photos.
  • Beta 3 brings back the voice recordings you made in Beta 2. To recall, there were reports by testers saying their recording disappeared in Beta 2. Beta 3 should bring the recording back.
  • Instead of a 15-minute recording, iOS 17 Beta 3 will now show 150 phrases you need to read as part of the recording.
  • The Home app has new features: accessory control widgets, activity history, and improved UI. When you first open the app in Beta 3, this will be detailed in the splash screen.
  • As part of the UI improvements in the Home app, the color picker in the lights menu has been improved. In Beta 3, pre-selected color options should now be in the color picker instead of just a manual color selector in Beta 2.
  • Some testers report seeing the Home Activity as an option in the Safety and Security section of the Home app.
  • The AirDrop transfer process speed has been improved. Early testers formerly complained about the process being slow.
  • The color issue in Safari when playing HDR video has been fixed.
  • The Settings will now feature a separate Depth Control toggle. It can be found in Preserve Settings.


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