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After releasing the fifth developer beta of iOS 17, Apple has now introduced the third public beta of the update. And as expected, both beta releases share the same build number, 21A5303d. This means both will feature the same changes and improvements across the system.

The releases are part of Apple’s continuous process of polishing the update as September approaches. That month, the update is expected to be officially released to the public for compatible devices. iOS 17 contains several huge new features alongside other UI improvements, including:

  • The Weather app gets a bunch of detail changes, including the wording and details in the Averages section. Apple also added information about some weather-related phrases in the app when you tap and scroll down the Averages page.
  • Apple has implemented changes in different icons across the OS. This includes the icon of Home Screen & App Library in Settings, the Apple TV remote icon in Control Center, and the Auto-Brightness in the Insights and Suggestions section of the Battery page. 
  • The icon changes also include the icons within the + option in Messages. In iOS 17, Apple has resorted to more rounded looks, so each icon in the + menu in Messages is now contained in a circle. 
  • The Timer app will give you an Add (+) button when you start a timer. This will allow you to add another timer while the first ones you launched are running.
  • In the Camera section in Settings, there is a new option for Depth Control, which can “preserve the depth setting for Photo, Portrait, and Cinematic modes” rather than automatically resetting it.
  • When using the camera’s video mode, there is a new ProRes indicator showing whether you are using SDR or HDR.

We will detail the rest of the changes included in iOS 17 Public Beta 3/Developer Beta 5 in another article.


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