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A leaker claims that Apple has been instructing its Apple Store retail workers to remind iPhone 15 buyers about the company’s switch to USB-C port.

Leaker @yeux1122 shared the news on X, saying the staff will do this reminder every time a buyer purchases an iPhone 15 unit. Specifically, Apple staff will have to inform customers that the box package of the iPhone 15 only contains a USB-C to USB-C cable.

While it sounds unnecessary for most Apple fans, the reminder will be a helpful guide to other Apple customers who are still unaware of the move.

iPhone users already using a USB-C charging adapter won’t be affected by this change, but those still using a USB-A adapter will have to buy a new adapter or USB-A to USB-C adapter for this. Fortunately, iPhone 14 users will have a smooth transition for this since the iPhone 14 box packages come with USB‑C to Lightning cable, which means they already have USB-C adapters.

In the end, while the reminder sounds thoughtful, it is a way for Apple to secure more sales in the release of the iPhone 15 lineup. This is unsurprising, nonetheless, as Apple is expected to be more aggressive in pushing its products as it continues to face a challenging climate in the smartphone industry.


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