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The first batch of the iPhone 15 series could be ready as soon as next month, according to the Chinese website IT Home. The report says “Apple has issued a stocking order for the iPhone 15” (via Google Translate) already and that two new Chinese assembly plants joined the preparation of the first batch. 

Moreover, the report also shares that Apple is trying to prevent the same issues it encountered during the initial release of the iPhone 14  series, explaining the early preparation and production of the line. To recall, Apple experienced supply chain disruption, resulting in long wait times for models like the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. 

Aside from preventing the issue, the early production will also allow Apple to meet the expected demand for iPhone 15 line in time. According to other reports, the Cupertino giant wants to have around 85 to 90 million iPhone 15 units in preparation for this. 

This follows a report indicating that the manufacturing of the line started in China this month, with factories in India expected to follow soon. The latter signals Apple’s move to further invest in factories in India, which is expected to soon take away some portions of the assembly volume being handled by factories in China. India currently produces 7% of iPhones globally, but Apple is reportedly planning to bump up the number to up to 18% in the next two years or by 2025. This will start with iPhone 15 line, which will be handled by the Winstron factory in India. 


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