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iOS 17 is loaded with new features and improvements, but some weren’t even mentioned by Apple during its WWDC 2023. Some developers also continue to notice more changes and new features to iOS 17 as its beta test continues. Here are some of them, alongside other less-known features that testers can now access.

  • New Apple Wallet features. There are some notable improvements and new capabilities Apple added to Wallet in iOS 17. Most of them are focused on Apple Pay, including Apple Maps support for order tracking, transaction receipts (for businesses who want to add receipts in the form of PDF or image files), and the new “Track with Apple Wallet” button that companies can add to their websites and apps. Also, iOS 17 business users will notice that they can now attach ‌Apple Pay‌ orders to emails. This will allow customers to tap on the attachments on the Mail app and add them to the Wallet app as orders.
  • Ping My Watch. This has the same function as the feature found on your Apple Watch. This time, however, you will use your iPhone to ping your Apple Watch. Users can use this via the new Control Center tile in iOS 17. It is turned off by default, but you can access this in the Control Center section in the Settings app. Remember, however, that this will require the two devices to be constantly paired via Bluetooth.
  • Cinematic API. What’s fun about iOS 17 is that, aside from end users, it also includes things that will excite app developers. This is possible through the additional APIs in the update, giving developers some tools to improve their apps. One includes the Cinematic API, which should allow developers to integrate Cinematic mode video playback and editing capabilities in their third-party apps. Apple said it will enable developers’ apps to “change focus distance and aperture in movies, creating a bokeh effect, even after recording.”
  • Screen Distance prompt. iOS 17 will remind you when you are holding your iPhone too close to your eyes for a long period. This will be in the form of a prompt reading: “Keeping your iPhone at arm’s length can protect your eyesight.” Users can activate or deactivate the feature by going to Screen Time in the Settings app as long as it has Face ID.
  • iPhone new passcode reset. In iOS 17, you’ll be given the option to reset your newly set password in case you forget it right after setup. There will be a 72-hour limit for you to reset the password. You can access this via the new “Try Passcode Reset” control when you tap the “Forgot Passcode?” button. This will let you enter your previous passcode and create a new one.
  • Check In. The feature will alert your friends or loved ones that you got home safe after a trip or a drive. This will be accessible in the iMessage’s menu. Once selected, it will estimate the time (though you can adjust it) you need to arrive at a specific place (in this case, your home). It will also notify the recipients when you get home safely. However, if you don’t reach the place in time and forget to disable it, the recipient will be able to view your location (and so as your route and battery and signal level), which is great as it will alarm them in case something goes wrong.
  • Sensitive Content Warning. Your iPhone will soon warn you when you receive sensitive media, especially nudes. This will show a pop-up warning, giving you different action choices: view it, keep it hidden, or find “ways to get help.”

iOS 17 is now available as a beta for Apple Developer Program members, and the features mentioned above are some of the things you can expect from it. However, note that there are device requirements for iOS 17 (‌iPhone‌ XS and newer). Also, iOS 17 beta still has a lot of bugs and issues, so it is recommended to back up your files before you install the update.


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