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Apple’s 2023 Q2 in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region saw growth. According to the latest data from Counterpoint Research, the company had the biggest YoY shipment growth in the said market. With this, the firm’s analyst believes that it can maintain its position as one of the top OEMs in MEA in the future.

The news is part of Counterpoint’s report for the region’s smartphone shipments in Q2 2023 in the MEA market. According to its data, while Apple remains an underdog below Samsung and other brands, it shows a favorable increase in its shipments compared to what it had in the same quarter last year. In particular, the data shows Apple has a huge boost of 75% YoY, the biggest among all the brands mentioned in the report.

“Apple had an outstanding quarter to round off a very strong iPhone 14 series cycle,” the report noted. “The OEM managed to increase penetration in key Middle East markets with the higher-priced Pro and Pro Max models getting good reception.”

Apple, nonetheless, isn’t the only brand that experienced improvement. Samsung and Chinese companies Techno and Inifinix also performed well in the said quarter, translating to 8%, 25%, and 3% increases, respectively. On the other hand, Xiaomi had a 17% YoY decrease in its shipments in the region for 2023 Q2.

The report also underlined the impressive growth of the premium smartphone section in the region, which it said was made possible by Apple’s iPhone offerings. Counterpoint Senior Analyst Yang Wang said it is a reflection of the brand’s popularity around the globe.

“The premium end is usually an afterthought for the MEA market, but the segment was an outperformer of Q2 2023,” Wang said. “The sales of smartphones priced above $800 grew 93% YoY, largely due to Apple’s high-end models in the iPhone 14 series. The OEM’s share increased in key GCC markets, while it was seen making efforts to expand distribution channels in Africa. Apple’s success in the MEA region is another proof of the brand’s strong global appeal. As the process of urbanization and industrialization continues across the region, Apple can expect to remain one of the top OEMs in the region.”

This follows Counterpoint’s forecast for the iPhone’s future performance amid the challenging climate in the smartphone market. According to its earlier report, Apple’s new iPhones will deliver pleasing sales results despite the shipment volume declines being experienced by different companies worldwide.

International Data Corporation also supports claims about Apple’s expected growth in spite of the problematic smartphone market. It noted in a recent report that Apple would be able to adapt better compared to its Android competitors. The report showed that iOS shipments will have a 1.1% growth in 2023, allowing it to reach an all-time high share of 19.9%. Tech market intelligence TrendForce, meanwhile, believes Apple has a chance of dethroning Samsung in the global market if its new iPhone 15 series manages to exceed expectations.


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