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This week, Samsung updated its “Try Galaxy” app with a new feature, allowing Apple customers to try its Galaxy Z Fold5’s massive screen experience using two iPhones. Through the experience, Samsung hopes to convince iOS users to switch to Android and embrace its foldable creations amid the continuous dominance of Apple in the market.

The Korean giant made the update last Monday, saying the feature should allow the simulation of the foldable experience using two synced iPhones placed next to each other. A code will be generated to help the two units connect and will share a single screen on their displays. The experience is pretty limited, but Samsung says the point is only to highlight the key features of its device, including its broad screen for multitasking purposes and FlexCam mode.

The new feature is part of Samsung’s persistent marketing against Apple, which still doesn’t offer other form factors in its devices. (Rumor has it, nonetheless, that the Cupertino company is now working on a foldable iPhone.) Despite this, Samsung remains a few steps behind its rival, which continues to lead the mobile vendor market.

Mobile Vendor Market Share Worldwide July 2023

According to the latest data from StatCounter, Apple is still at the top spot with a 28.39% market share worldwide. Samsung, on the other hand, remains in second place with a 24.22% share. In a recent report by Counterpoint Research, Apple is also expected to rise against its rivals despite 2023 being deemed “the worst year for global smartphone shipments in ten years.” According to its report, carrier companies will play a huge role in alleviating the situation for Apple by offering promos that could aid the iPhone sales this year.


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