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The Beats Wireless Headphones are trusted by thousands of users across the globe due to the high-quality sound they offer. However, like other audio devices, you may face problems with your headphones. 

If you are facing issues with charging your Beats Wireless headphones, there is nothing to worry about. This is pretty normal and can easily be fixed using some simple troubleshooting steps. 

To fix the charging issue with your Beats wireless headphones, try restarting or force restarting your device. Changing the power source and charging cable, cleaning the charging port of your headphones, updating the devices’ firmware, checking the charging lights, and replacing the battery are some other fixes you can try to fix the charging problem with your Beats wireless headphones. 

We have put together a detailed guide for you explaining some of the main reasons that cause the charging problem with your Beats wireless headphones. We will also provide you with an in-depth analysis of some troubleshooting methods you can try to fix this issue.


Why Are the Beats Wireless Headphones Not Charging? 

If this is your first time facing a problem while trying to charge your Beats wireless headphones and you can’t seem to figure out the main problem, don’t worry; we have picked out some of the main reasons preventing the Beats wireless headphones from getting charged. 

  • Software Bug 

This is one of the most common reasons that could cause the charging issue with your Beats headphones. Generally, with audio devices like headphones, it’s normal to malfunction because of a bug entering the devices. 

If you have been facing problems with charging your Beats wireless headphones for the past few days and couldn’t figure out any apparent cause of this, it’s best to power cycle your device. Power cycling will likely remove all the bugs from your headphones. 

  • Faulty Battery 

The beats headphones feature a high-quality and extremely durable lithium-ion battery. However, like other internal components of the device, its battery can also wear out with time. Also, when it comes to the battery of Beats headphones, or for that matter, any headphones in general, the batteries have the capacity to hold a number of charges. 

If you are unable to charge your Beats wireless headphones, the problem might be with the battery. It might have gotten too old that its ability to hold the charge has suffered, preventing you from charging your device. 

  • Long Time Since the Last Charge 

With headphones and other audio devices, you have to keep the devices working to maintain their condition. If these devices are not used for a long time, this could cause a significant reduction in their working ability. 

Similarly, if you haven’t charged your Beats wireless headphones for a long time, the battery might take some time to start holding up on the charge once again. So, you better wait a few hours to see if the charging process finally begins. 

  • Problem With the Charging Cable 

This is one of the most prevalent reasons for the beats wireless headphones not charging issue. If the charging cable you are using to charge your headphones has been damaged or any internal wire in the cable has broken, this will prevent the current from reaching your device. Thus, a broken or damaged charging cable wouldn’t charge your headphones. 

  • Damaged Charging Light 

Unlike smartphones and laptops, you don’t have the battery icon on Beats wireless headphones. The only thing that tells you whether your headphones are charging or not is the charging light on the side. 

One reason why your Beats wireless headphones are not charging, or in other words, you couldn’t see the charging light turning on, is the damaged charging light. Simply put, this means that your headphones might be charging, but you couldn’t tell as its light is not giving the indication. 

  • Power Supply 

If the power outlet you have connected the charger to or the AC adapter you are using with the charging cable is damaged, this could prevent the beats wireless headphones from charging. Switching to a new adapter or power outlet are some simple fixes you can try in such cases. 

  • Unfavorable Charging Environment 

When it comes to charging the Beats wireless headphones, the surrounding environmental conditions play a crucial role. Even if you are a beginner, you must know that the environment you are charging your device needs to be favorable, i.e., the temperature should neither be too low to prevent the battery’s normal functioning nor too high to explode the batteries. 

So, if you are trying to charge your headphones at a place where the temperature conditions are not favorable, you won’t be able to charge your headphones. This can also permanently damage the batteries. The favorable temperature range for headphones is 5 °C – 35 °C (41 °F – 95 °F). 

  • Outdated Firmware 

If you want to keep using your wireless headphones without trouble, it’s crucial to update the firmware. However, if you fail to update your device’s firmware recently, this could lead to a lot of problems, and the inability to charge the device is one of them. 


Fixing the Beats Wireless Headphones Not Charging 

If you are wondering how to fix the issue with your beats wireless headphones when they are not charging, our 15 simple methods will help you perform this task without much hassle. 

Method #1: Switch To a Power Outlet 

Most of the users reportedly charge their headphones through a USB hub. Though it’s undoubtedly a more accessible approach and saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to find an adapter first and can charge your device easily through your laptop or even power bank, it could lead to some problems too. 

If you have been trying to charge your headphones for a long time and it isn’t working out for you, switch to a power outlet. Instead of using a USB hub to charge your headphones, charge them directly through a power outlet. 

Method #2: Clean the Charging Port 

One of the main reasons for the inability to charge your wireless headphones is dirt and dust getting stuck in the charging port. If you have not cleaned your headphones for a long time, there is a high chance that some dirt and dust particles might have blocked the port, preventing the headphone from charging. 

To fix this issue, simply clean the charging port of your headphones using these steps: 

  1. Take a piece of microfiber cloth and slightly dampen it with rubbing alcohol. 
  2. Use the cloth to clean the headphones from the outside, and don’t forget the charging port area. 
  3. Use a cotton swab dipped in an alcohol solution to clean the charging port as much as possible. 
  4. Once done, connect the charging cable and see if the issue is fixed. 

Note: While cleaning the charging port, don’t be too harsh on your device, as this can damage the port or any other internal part of the headphones. 

Check out this YouTube tutorial if you need any help in cleaning your beats headphones. 

Method #3: Change the Charging Cable 

As mentioned above, a faulty or damaged charging cable could prevent your Beats headphones from charging. To fix the problem, switch to a new charging cable. You can also use any spare charging cable at your place, as most of the cables at home can do the job for you. 

While getting a new cable, ensure to look around it thoroughly and check for any damage or breakage. 

Method #4: Check the Charging Port for Damage 

Like the charging cable, damaged in the charging port of your headphone can also come in the way of charging. For this, sift through the port of your headphones and look for any bent metal. Inspect the port to see if it’s loose or damaged, as a loose port can also disrupt the connection between the headphones and their connectors, eventually preventing them from getting charged. 

Method #5: Restart the Heaphones 

This is one of the simplest fixes but will likely resolve multiple major problems with your beats headphones. 

If you are recently facing problems while trying to charge your Beats wireless headphones, you must perform a simple device restart. 

Here is how you can do this: 

  1. Locate the “Power” button on your headphones. 
  2. Hold the power button till you hear a beep sound. 
  3. The beep sound will indicate that your device is turning off. 
  4. Once the device turns off, wait for a couple of minutes. 
  5. Hit the power button again to turn on the headphones. 
  6. Connect the charger to your device and check for the issue. 

Method #6: Force Restart the Device 

If a simple device restart hasn’t fixed the issue for you, you might need to force restart your headphones. Force-starting a device isn’t a complex thing, and all you need to do for this is to follow the following steps: 

  1. Connect your Beats wireless headphones to a power outlet using the charging cable and adapter. 
  2. Press and hold the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons of your headphones till you see the lights flashing. 
  3. See if the charging light has turned on now. 

Note: The process of force-restarting the headphones isn’t the same for all Beats wireless headphone models. So, before trying this method, don’t forget to check the user manual for your device. 

Method #7: Reset the Device 

Another thing you can do to fix the charging issue with your Beats wireless headphones is to perform a device reset. This is one method you would see a lot of Beats officials recommending the users. 

Here is what you need to do for this: 

  1. Disconnect any cables connected to your Beats headphones. 
  2. Locate the “Power” button on your headphones and press it for around 10 seconds before releasing it. 
  3. Keep an eye on the LED indicator and once you see it lightning up around three times, start your headphones and check for the issue. 

You have successfully performed a device reset. 

You can check out this YouTube video for help if you have never resetted your Beats headphones before.

Method #8: Switch the Power Source 

If you have checked both the charging port and charging cable of your headphones and none of them is the problem, it might be the power source that’s causing the issue. 

To fix the problem in this case, switch to a different power source. Connect the AC adapter to a different power outlet and see if the problem is resolved. 

Method #9: Update the Firmware 

Outdated firmware is one of the leading causes of the charging issue with your headphones. If you use your wireless headphones with iPhone or iPad, they will automatically perform the firmware update. 

However, in the case of Android devices, you have to update the firmware of your headphones manually using these steps. 

  1. Download the Beats updater app on your PC. 
  2. Pair your headphones with the laptop. 
  3. On the Beats updater app, find your device. 
  4. Hit the “Update” option right next to your headphones’ model. 
  5. Once the update is completed, try charging your headphones again and see if the issue is fixed. 

Method #10: Check the Temperature 

When it comes to Beats wireless headphones, some of them have a functionality where they automatically stop charging if the temperature of their surroundings gets above 40 degrees Celsius or below 5 degrees Celsius. 

Though you might find it unusual, this is a security measure to ensure the safety of the batteries. So, if the temperature of your room where you are trying to charge your beats headphones doesn’t lie within the favorable temperature range, your headphones will automatically stop charging. 

To fix the problem, turn on the AC or heater depending on the temperature and once the temperature reaches the favorable limit, connect the headphones back to the charger to check for the issue. 

Method #11: Follow the Lead of the Charging Lights 

Another thing you can do to resolve this issue is to check the charging lights on your headphones and follow their lead. 

For instance, if you see a solid red light on the headphones, this will indicate a low battery, but if the red light blinks, it will signify an empty battery. So, in this case, immediately connect your headphones to the charger before it completely dies. 

Another thing you can do when you see the flashing red light is to go for a device reset. Similarly, if you don’t see any charging light flashing on your headphones even after you have checked for all the possible errors, get the charging lights of your headphones checked by a professional. 

Method #12: Leave the Headphones On Charge 

As mentioned above, when the headphones are not charged for a long time, the battery will require some time to warm up before it begins storing charge again. 

In this case, connect your headphones to the charger and stay put for at least an hour before taking any action. 

Method #13: Check the Headphones Seating 

Some beats headphone models cannot be charged directly from a charging cable. Instead, they come with a case or stand. However, if your headphones are not seated correctly on the stand or case, you won’t be able to charge them. 

To prevent this from happening, ensure to seat your headphones properly on the charging case and adjust them till you finally see the charging light turning on. 

Method #14: Remove or Replace the Battery 

If you cannot charge your Beats wireless headphones even after trying all the fixes we have mentioned above, you will leave with no option but to replace the battery. 

However, before moving towards the replacement bit, you can try removing your headphone’s battery and inserting them back in using these steps: 

  1. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the headphone’s case and take out the battery. 
  2. Wait for 1 to 2 weeks, and don’t use your headphones during this time. 
  3. Unscrew the headphones’ case again and install the battery back in. 
  4. Connect your device to the charging cable and see if this has fixed the issue for you. 

If removing the battery doesn’t do the job for you, you might have to replace your headphone’s battery. You can check out this Youtube video to see how the headphone’s battery can be replaced. 

Method #15: Contact Beats Support 

This is the final method that should be tried if you can’t figure out the solution yourself. Go to the Support Page of Beats’ official store and seek help from its Customer care service. 



How to check the battery percentage of Beats wireless headphones? 

To check the current battery status of your Beats wireless headphones, you first have to download the Beats app on your mobile phone. Once you get the app, navigate to it and open the display screen for your connected headphones. A battery icon showing the battery percentage of your Beats wireless headphones will appear on the display screen. 

What is the average lifespan of Beats headphones?

A good quality Beats wireless headphone can last for around 4 to 5 years. If you take good care of your device and maintain it properly, this lifespan could increase. 

What color should my Beats be when charging?

The LED lights on Beats headphones say a lot about their charging status. For instance, if you see a red light on the headphones, your device’s battery is low. White lights, however, signify that your headphones are fully charged. 

How long do Beats batteries last?

If fully charged, the batteries of your Beats wireless headphones will last for around 40 hours on a single charge. However, this capacity keeps on reducing over time. 


Conclusion – [FIXED] Beats Wireless Headphones Not Charging! 

In this guide, we have listed some of the main reasons that prevent your Beats wireless headphones from charging. We have also thrown light on some simple fixes you can try by yourself to get rid of this issue. To answer all your questions regarding this issue, we have included some frequently asked questions at the end. 

Hopefully, this guide will not only help you understand the charging problem with your Beats wireless headphones in a much better way but will also help you resolve this without much trouble. 

We hope that at least one of these methods works out for you and you don’t have to get a new headphones for yourself. Enjoy! 



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