Best Wireless Earbuds For Small Ears

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Wireless earbuds are undoubtedly one of the best ways to listen to your favorite music or podcast. Music lovers don’t even leave their house without their earbuds. Listening to music or watching your favorite show while traveling is one of the most common ways to kill time. Wireless earbuds give freedom from unnecessary wires, and that’s why they have pretty good demand in the market. 

But people with small ears often hesitate while purchasing one for them as most of the wireless earbuds available in the market do not fit them and even if they do, they are not comfortable and strain too much. 


Tozo T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

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If you are looking for a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that are lightweight, look stylish, and have amazing sound quality, then your search might end here. The Tozo T10 Bluetooth earbuds are one of the best wireless earbuds for small ears. These ergonomically designed wireless earbuds use gel-flexible silicone ear caps to ensure a comfortable fit and are great to use anytime. Easy to connect, these stylish wireless earbuds are super light in weight and does not strain ears even after long hours of usage. 

Authentic Sound

When it comes to sound quality, Tozo T10 earbuds win this category. These wireless earbuds feature 8mm speaker drivers which are relatively larger than other earbuds. You won’t get disturbed while working out in the gym as these wireless earbuds pretty much cancel out all the useless noises with its powerful bass performance. 

Waterproof Certified

Tozo T10 earbuds2 are IPX8 waterproof certified, which is the highest you will find for earbuds. This feature provides reasonable protection to your earbuds by allowing them to survive for up to 30 minutes under 1-meter deep water. You can wear these wireless earbuds while jogging or working out and could drench in sweat without being afraid of damaging your earbuds as these will easily survive throughout your daily routine. 

Battery Life

These wireless earbuds come with a charging case that is small enough to carry around easily and is compatible with wireless chargers. The charging case has LED light indicators that notify you when the earbuds are being charged or when fully charged. Once charged completely, these wireless Bluetooth earbuds last for more than 4 hours and about 14 extra hours when they are in their compact charging case.  


  • Bass performance.
  • Built-in microphone in each earbud.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for taking calls.
  • Charging case with LED indicators.
  • A single charge can last for more than 4 hours.
  • Silicone gel ear caps feel super comfortable in the ears.
  • Waterproof design with Nano-coating enhances their durability. 
  • HD stereo sound quality offers authentic sound with an intense.


  • The pair lacks built-in equalizer technology to balance the sound.
  • The earbuds do not have a secure holding mechanism such as ear hooks.



Jabra Elite 75t Wireless Earbuds

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The Jabra Elite 75t is an upgraded version to the previous model Jabra 65t with a new design, better battery life, and improved sound quality. These wireless Bluetooth earbuds are engineered to make and take calls effectively with their enhanced 4-microphone call technology, which filters out disruptive noises around you and gives you a great experience always. 

The earbuds of the previous model were bigger and had a troublesome fit in some ears that caused discomfort over time, but the upgraded version is considerably better and more comfortable, especially for small ears. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to Apple air pods, then these wireless earbuds are the ones for you.  

Crystal Clear Sound

Jabra Elite 75t wireless earbuds have made some impressive audio quality walks with its crispy and detailed sound signature. Unlike their previous model, this one has a more pleasing, subtle sound with excellent instrument separation. 

For a great calling experience, these wireless earbuds use advanced 4-microphone technology that gives crystal clear sound quality to the users by filtering out the disruptive noises around them.   


With Jabra 4th generation true wireless connection, you can enjoy long conversations and music with no audio dropouts or interruptions. 

The MySound technology in 75t tests your hearing in the Jabra sound+ app and tailors your music to suit your hearing profile to give you a balanced sound quality with no strings attached. 

Battery Hours

Jabra Elite 75t earbuds can perform for up to 7.5 hours straight in a single charge. With the charging case, the playtime can go up to a maximum of 28 hours, which is pretty impressive if compared to other expensive brands. 


  • Voice assistant enable feature.
  • Fast charging so you can have your music on the go.
  • Incredible 2-year warranty against dust and water.
  • The comfortable new design provides an ideal fit for small ears.
  • With MySound technology create your hearing profile for perfectly balanced sound quality.


  • The charging case does not support wireless charging.
  • There is no active noise cancellation feature available.
  • It might be confusing for users to memorize all the controls.



Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

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Powerbeats Pro are made for a comfortable experience, these wireless earbuds come along with four sets of ear tips. Once you find your perfect fit, then these earbuds will ultimately become your favorite. The design of the new Powerbeats Pro is brilliant. These are super light in weight and do not feel bulky while working out or running. These snug-fit, sweat-resistant earbuds don’t fall out of your ears easily; hence one can perform their whole workout routine without being afraid of any damage. 

High Performance

Powered by the Apple H1 headphone chip, these wireless earbuds by Powerbeats Pro will transform the way you work out. If you’re someone who listens to heavy, aggressive music while working out or is a fan of impactful bass, then these wireless earbuds are the ones for you. The way Powerbeats Pro combines strong highs with bass is absolutely magic. 

Also, the design of these wireless earbuds is pretty impressive too. The snug-fit ear hooks make sure they don’t fall out in the middle of your workout routine, and the sweat-resistant feature saves them from damage to a specific limit. 

Battery Power

Powerbeats Pro gives a great 9-hour long battery life in a single charge and 24 hours of power with the charging case. The battery life is enough to last a day easily, and you can always carry the USB-A charging cable that comes along with these earbuds for a quick charge. The lightning cable could provide up to 1.5 hours of listening time in just 5 minutes of charging. 


Each earbud has full volume and track controls, so you won’t need your device to adjust it. The “b” logo on the earbuds allows you to pause/play the music by tapping it once. To move to the next track, you have to tap it twice and thrice to go to the previous one. Holding it for a few seconds will activate voice assistance for making calls and searching for a cafe nearby, etc. 


  • Enhanced phone call performance.
  • Lightning USB-A charging cable.
  • Voice-activated assistance available.
  • Customizable ear hooks for a long, comfortable journey.
  • Snug fit these earbuds are great for workout and stuff.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.
  • LED light indicators on the charging case notify the charging status.


  • The charging case is a lot chunkier than other brand’s cases, hence occupy unnecessary space.
  • The treble energy in these wireless earbuds can cause a little exhaustion after long listening hours.
  • The charging case does not support wireless charging and is also not water-resistant.
  • The design of these wireless earbuds is very noticeable, might not be a suitable look for the office or casual environments.


Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Wireless Earbuds

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Samsung is one of the biggest electronics manufacturing brand that has been recognized as a leader globally. Their true wireless earbuds, Galaxy Buds+ are the perfect fitting earbuds for your ears to isolate you from the distracting noises around you. 

Dynamic Sound

The Galaxy Buds+ are comprised of three adaptive microphones, one internal and two externals. These microphones pick up your voice and isolate it from the outside noises so that whenever you’re on a call, your voice comes through richly, and you can hear even in a noisy environment. With AKG premium sound quality, you can catch details of your music and videos delivered by the 2-way dynamic speaker system and boosted driver.   

Ambient Aware

If you’d like to filter in some of the outside voices to get along with your surroundings, you can do that by switching on the Ambient Aware mode present in these earbuds. This mode will let you hear flight announcements, oncoming traffic, or your order number while still enjoying your playlist or podcast. 


You can get up to 11 hours of playtime on a single charge with these earbuds and an additional playtime of 11 hours with the charging case. The charging case of these wireless earbuds supports wireless charging on any Qi-compatible wireless charger. Or you can skip the charger and effortlessly share power directly from your Galaxy device. 


  • Gloss finish charging case for a premium look.
  • Perfectly fitting, bean-shaped earbuds.
  • 2-way dynamic speaker system and boosted driver.
  • Crisp high notes with powerful bass performance.
  • Balanced audio crafted by AKG.
  • Dedicated microphones make your voice loud and clear.
  • 3 minutes of fast charging gives playtime of about 1 hour.
  • Qi-compatible wireless charging.
  • Customize your tap commands for better control.
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS smart devices.
  • Includes gel-like ear caps in 3 different sizes.
  • Ambient Aware mode to filter in some of the outside voices, if you’d like.


  • Bean shaped earbuds do not block the environmental sounds very well, hence lacks noise isolation.
  • Touch controls can be easily triggered when adjusting or removing the earbuds.




Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds

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Bose is one of the most renowned audio equipment manufacturing brands in the world. Their SoundSport model has a snug-fit which makes them very comfortable to wear for long listening hours. These wireless earbuds are engineered to deliver crisp, clear, and powerful sounds with no lagging or interruptions. 

Waterproof Certified

Bose SoundSport Free wireless earbuds are IPX4 waterproof certified. Sweat and Weather resistant these earbuds are made with water-repellent mesh to prevent them from damage while you’re working out. 

Track Lost Earbuds

The Bose Connect app has a “Find My Buds” feature that lets you track your lost earbuds. The app tells you when and where your earbuds were last connected to your smart device. Not only that, if you still could not find your wireless earbuds then an audio signal from the earbuds itself will alert you of their location. 


SoundSport Free earbuds can perform up to 5 hours in a single charge. The case can provide two additional full charges with a playtime of up to 10 hours to the earbuds. Also, the charging case is magnetized from the inside, so it keeps the earbuds in place totally protected while charging them. 


  • Micro USB charging
  • IPX4 water resistance rating
  • Sweat and weather repellent
  • StayHear+ Sport tips for a secure fit
  • Sturdy design with comfortable earbuds
  • “Find My Buds” feature tracks the lost earbuds 
  • 3 different pairs of ear tips for personal customization


  • The case does not support wireless charging
  • The charging case is a little large than other brands, hence take up unnecessary space



Types of Earbuds


Corded earbuds have a cord that connects to the device instead of wireless connection, corded earbuds usually have better sound quality than wireless earbuds.


Most wireless earbuds use Bluetooth to connect to all the devices; they offer better mobility since the latest Bluetooth offers a good range. 

Picking and Testing Right Earbuds for Small Ears

If your earbuds fall out when you move your jaw, or if they are too tight for your small ears, it’s time to get new ones. Using the wrong earbuds can cause scratches or infections in the ear canal. To solve this problem multiple brands are making these devices in various sizes. 

How to wear earbuds

Most earbuds use rubber domes for comfort, and they are designed to go deeper into the ear canal. But it’s not enough, to figure out which model fits your ears perfectly you’ll have to try few devices to check how they feel. Pick a model or two (You can return them if they don’t fit.)

Hold your earlobe and gently pull it towards the back; doing this should open the ear canal, shove the earbud, and try shaking your head to check if they fall out or not. 

The Outer, Middle, and Inner Ear Parts

The outer ear is the visible part of the ear, the part which looks like a shell. The middle ear starts from your eardrum, and it transmits sound into your ear. And the main organ which is responsible for hearing is found in the area called Inner ear. 

All of these parts work together to transmit music from your earbuds into your brain. 

Does Buildup of Earwax Cause fitting Problems?

If you often find earwax on your earbuds, it’s a sign your ear canals have wax, and every time you shove your buds in your ear, they push the wax deeper. Even if you have right earbuds they might fall-out often. 

Custom-Made Earbuds

If you can’t find any earbuds that fit your ear perfectly, you can get custom made earbuds. An audiologist can produce custom made earbuds for $150 to $250, and there are brands like Decibullz which offer custom molded earbuds for $60 which you can mold at home.


Why choose earbuds


Earbuds are small and lightweight; you can carry them in your pocket or in your bag. You can watch movies, play games and do other things while you are on a bus or metro.

While Exercising

If you go to the gym or workout at home, you should go for wireless earbuds with good fit, so they don’t fall out while you are working out. If you are someone who likes jogging and often go out, it’s not necessary to buy noise-canceling earbuds; normal ones will allow some noise through which will keep you alert of your surroundings.



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