Best Portable Mini Projector – Review

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If you’re looking for a Portable Mini Projector, you’ve come to the right place. After reviewing the top 10 mini projectors, we recommend the Anker Nebula Mars II Pro. It has an Android OS, and the picture quality is also better than its competition projectors. 

Anker Nebula Mars II Pro

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The Anker Nebula Mars II Pro is a squashed cube-shaped portable mini projector at a weight of just 3.96 lbs (1.79Kg). On the top edge, there are all the buttons you would need; Volume buttons, Bluetooth pairing button, and three LEDs that show how much of the battery is left. It has a 12,500mAh rechargeable built-in battery that promises 3 hours of viewing. Around the back, you’ll find a USB port, a 3.5 mm audio-out jack, an HDMI port, DC in port, and some ventilation openings.

The Mars II Pro has Android 7.1 OS. You can access apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Spotify without connecting any external hardware. Some people may find challenging to use the Youtube app. It sometimes crashes while logging in. Since its app store does not have enough apps, you can install APK files. It has an optional iOS/Android control app that you can download on your phone through Google Play or Apple store. You can use both remote and Nebula Connect smartphone app to navigate the Android interface.

However, navigating using the remote can be frustrating because of few restrictions. Some internal apps, like Amazon Prime Video, require the Connect smartphone app. You can do basic navigation using the remote, but you cannot select and play movies using the remote, using the on-screen keyboard, too, is a pain. So we recommend the smartphone app to avoid the headache. Setting up the image is very simple; this projector has automatic focus and can easily keystone the image.

When you move Mars II Pro from its location, it pauses what is playing and sets the image to its new distance and angle. The Mars II Pro automatically reduces the brightness when it’s not connected to the power. The projection looks washed out if there is light in your room. The 500 ANSI lumens are not enough. If you want to enjoy its picture quality fully, we recommend using this mini projector in a room with no light. For a 720p projector, the picture looks impressive in a dark room. 

On the audio side, Mars II Pro has dual 10-watt internal speakers, the audio quality is not as good as the picture quality, like almost all mini projectors, the Mars II Pro is also light on bass, but you’ll have no trouble understand dialogues. You can connect external speakers via Bluetooth or the 3.5 mm output. We recommend using Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker for impressive audio quality.


The Optoma ML750 LED Projector

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The palm-sized Optoma ML750 is an inexpensive portable mini projector that weighs less than one pound. It can be held in your hand and fit in your pocket. The ML750 comes in a fantastic soft carrying case, which can easily fit in your backpack or large purse. All the cables are also inside the case, along with the tiny remote control. Setting up this projector is very simple.

It comes with an instruction card to help you through the process. Once it is connected to power, the main power button on top of the projector will flash a dim red light. On pressing the power button, it will turn blue, and the projector will start, withing a few seconds you’ll see the Optoma logo on the screen. Some people may find the picture to be blurred around the edges of the screen. It has adjustable focus and vertical keystone correction to fix any warping to your projection that may result from projecting on an angle.

You can stream content from several sources; you can connect your HDMI cable, VGA adapter, or microSD card. Theoretically, you can use anything from a smartphone or a laptop to a Bu-Ray player or your gaming console. The Optoma ML750 is impressively bright for its size, it delivers 700 lumens of brightness with 10000 to 1 contrast ratio and can project up to 100 inches diagonal or 3D image. It has a long-life (20000+ hours) LED light source, which means, you don’t need to worry about the brightness deteriorating or replacing lamps, which costs too much. It has a 1-watt internal mono speaker which has decent audio quality. 


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