Best Projector for Home Theater – Review

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Finding the best Projector for Home Theater which offers movie theater experience can be difficult, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. After reviewing multiple projectors, we think most people who need a great projector for home theater should get the LG CineBeam HU85LA. We have reviewed other projectors if you need a cheaper and non-4K option.


LG CineBeam HU85LA

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The LG CineBeam HU85LA is a remarkably smart-looking short-throw projector, equipped with amazing features. With a complete white exterior, it has excellent grey speaker fabric on the front. On the backside, there are all the input ports you need to connect your device. You’ll find two USB ports, two HDMI ports, USB Type-C, a digital optical port, and a cable TV antenna port.

The LG CineBeam HU85LA is an effortless, plug and play set up. All you have to do is connect your input port, plug-in power, connect your wifi, and it’s ready. The projector comes with a remote which can be used as a pointer or through voice commands. It has feet on the bottom in case you want to make micro-adjustments. Since it’s a short-throw projector, it can be placed very short to the wall. From 2.2 inches, you get a 90-inch true 4K projection, and from 7.2 inches, you get a 120-inch projection.

The picture quality of this projector is on another level, even in direct sunlight, the picture looks bright and very detailed. You can get the Aurora ALR screen if you want to take full advantage of this fantastic projector. It uses LG’s Web OS. If you have used LG television, you will quickly figure out how it works. It has a clean UI, accessing apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube is very simple.

The sound quality isn’t as impressive as the projection quality, But most people use external speakers for high-quality audio experience. If you want to use external speakers for better audio, you can buy Logitech Z906, the THX-certified speakers offer theater-quality sound. They are potentially the best speakers for a projector for home theater.


BenQ HT2050A

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The BenQ HT2050A is an upgraded model from HT2050. BenQ has kept all the features of old HT2050, plus they have added some new features in HT2050A. The Power button and indicators are on top. For those who like to shift their lense UP and DOWN, there is a shift knob for that. On the backside of the projector, you will find all the ports you need. Focus and zoom can be adjusted using two focus rings available on the top.

It has little adjustable feet if you want to raise the back up and a quick-release foot in the front. This projector has a 1080p resolution with a brightness of 2020 ANSI lumens. The contrast ratio is 15000 to 1. For the gamers who don’t like latency with the controller to the projector, the HT2050A has an input lag of 16.67 ms that’s half the input lag of HT 2050. You can also adjust the keystone vertically and horizontally, which was missing in HT2050.

You get a 100inch projection from 8 feet away. With the right brightness and high color accuracy, the picture quality is great for a 1080p projector. It comes with a remote which is very responsive, thanks to the IR sensors installed on the front and the back. You can buy a 3D glass if you want to watch 3D movies.

It also has a three-year limited warranty which is more than most cheap projectors get. It may not be the best projector for home theater in 2020 but if you can’t afford a $5000 4k projector we recommend the BenQ HT2050A.



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The JVC DLA-NX5 is a heavy projector at a weight of 43.12 lbs (19.6 Kg). This projector has a very simple boxy design and is available in matt black color. If your room is not large enough for a 20 feet screen, then it’s probably not the best projector for your home theater.

It is a standard-throw projector that requires plenty of space if you want to enjoy full projection it’s capable of. It is a native 4K projector. The picture quality is truly amazing. You’ll be surprised to see the level of texture quality and sharpness it has. The black levels and shadow details are also great.

It’s a 4k projector, but if you want to play 1080p videos, It can effortlessly upscale it up to 4k. Rated as 1800 lumens which is not much for a projector this expensive. And has four picture presets with six user modes. The average input lag is 38 ms, which is decent for casual gaming.  



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If you are not planning to upgrade to 4K projector anytime soon, the Sony VPL-HW45ES should be your choice. It is currently the best 1080p projector for home theater. This Full HD 3D projector has a turtle-like shape and is available in two colors, piano black, and light grey. It has ventilation exhaust at the front left and right sides and around the back.

This one does not have plenty of ports like BenQ HT2050A. It has a USB port, two HDMI ports, and IR-in and a RS-232 for adding an external remote. You can manually shift the lens both vertically and horizontally and can adjust the focus and zoom. The projector has a light output of 1800 lumens, thanks to its fantastic lamp, it has two lamp control modes, high and low.

You can keep it on high if you have a good amount of light in your room, And switch to low when it’s dark. Sony claims its 215-watt lamp could last for 6000 hours. The picture quality is insanely good, and it has nine unique picture presets with excellent balance.

This projector has an input lag of 102 ms to 107 ms with input Lag reduction off, and 22 ms when it’s on which is default in game mode. We think both BenQ HT2050A and Sony VPL-HW45ES are good budget projectors for home theater. If you want to do gaming, you can get BenQ HT2050A because of its better input lag. 

Who should get a Projector for Home Theater

Buying a Projector over a TV has both pros and cons. Projectors have become a lot brighter and advanced in the last few years and they’re no longer limited to 1080p resolution. If you go for an affordable 4k projector, you’ll get a 100-120 inches projection with solid brightness and color accuracy for a lot less than a high-end 4k TV.

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