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If you love watching your favorite movies that you loved watching as a child with your family to relive those moments all over again, this guide is going to interest you immensely. 

Recently many users have started enjoying connecting their Android devices to Smart TVs as this allows them to stream all the shows they love, even if they are unavailable on the video streaming apps. 

If you have seen all the people around you connecting their Android smartphones to their Smart TVs and you are missing out on the trend, we have you covered. 

Connecting the Vizio Smart TV to Android is pretty simple, and you can quickly get this done using the Mobile app for your Vizio TV or even without the app. 

In this guide, we will take you through some of the quick steps you can use to cast your Vizio Smart TV from your Android smartphone. We will also take you through some bonus methods where you can use your laptop and other devices to stream the movies and shows you love on your Vizio TV. 


Methods For Casting to Vizio TV From Android 

If this is your first experience where you are trying to cast to your Vizio Smart TV from Android, and you have no idea how this works, our 3 simple methods will help you get through this without much hassle. 

Method #1: Using the Mobile App 

The first method for casting to your Vizio TV from Android Smartphone is to use the mobile app. It’s a simple method and can easily be implemented even if you are not a tech enthusiast. 

Here is what you need to do for this: 

  1. Download and launch the VIZIO SmartCast app on your Android phone. 
  2. Create an account and log in to the app. 
  3. Head to the “Toolbar” option. 
  4. From the list of devices on your screen, select “VIZIO TV.” 
  5. Select the “Start” option. 
  6. A 4-digit pin will be shown on your VIZIO Smart TV.
  7. Fill in the pin to your app to link your phone to your Smart TV. 

Note: Ensure that your VIZIO TV and Android phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network to make the connection work. 

Method #2: Connecting Without the Mobile App 

If you don’t want to install the VIZIO Smart TV app on your smartphone, this method will work the best for you. 

Here is how you can link your Android phone to your VIZIO TV without having to use the mobile app: 

  1. Open “Settings” on your Android smartphone. 
  2. On the search bar at the top, type “Wireless Display” or “Screencast” and select the one on your phone from the search results. 
  3. Go to the “Casting” option. 
  4. A list of devices will appear on your phone’s screen. Select your “VIZIO TV” from this list. 
  5. Wait till the two devices finally link to each other and enjoy the shows and movies you love on the larger screen of your TV. 

Method #3: Using Chromecast 

Most VIZIO Smart TVs that have been hitting the market lately come with an inbuilt Chromecast. This has made it a lot easier to connect your Android device to your VIZIO TV and stream content all you want. 

Follow these steps to use Chromecast for casting to VIZIO TV from Android. 

  1. Download and open the Google Home app on your Android phone. 
  2. Head to the menu on the left side of the screen. 
  3. Select the “Cast screen/audio” option. 
  4. From the list of devices appearing on the screen, tap and choose your “VIZIO TV.” 
  5. Wait for a while till your phone finally links to the TV. 

Note: If you own an older VIZIO TV model, this method won’t work as Chromecast doesn’t come in older VIZIO Smart TVs. 


Connecting VIZIO Smart TV to iPhone 

If you are an iOS user and feel left out reading all the methods for casting VIZIO TV from Android, we have exciting news. You can link your iPhone to the VIZIO TV and can watch the content you like on your TV. 

When connecting your iPhone to VIZIO Smart TV, there is a set of requirements that need to be fulfilled to make this connection possible. These are: 

  • The VIZIO TV must come equipped with the AirPlay option. 
  • The VIZIO Smart TV should work on the latest and most upgraded software version. 
  • Your iPhone should be working on iOS 12.4 or a later version. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to connect your iPhone to VIZIO Smart TV: 

  1. Hit the “Home” button on your VIZIO Smart TV remote. 
  2. Go to the “Extras” option on your TV screen. 
  3. Locate AirPlay and choose the “On” option. 
  4. Open the “Control Center” on your iPhone and tap “Screen Mirroring.”
  5. From the list of available devices, select “VIZIO TV.” 
  6. A 4-digit code will appear on your TV screen. 
  7. Put the PIN on your iPhone to link it to the TV. 
  8. Wait till your iPhone is finally connected to your VIZIO TV. 


Connecting VIZIO Smart TV to Computer 

The devices that can be connected to your VIZIO Smart TV for screen mirroring or casting are not just limited to smartphones, i.e., Android and iPhone. You can even link your computer to your VIZIO TV to stream the content you like on a bigger and better screen. 

Following are the steps you need to take to make this connection possible: 

  1. On your computer or laptop, open the Google Chrome browser. 
  2. Ensure to connect your TV and computer to the same Wi-Fi network. 
  3. While on the Chrome browser on your computer, select the “three-dots” at the top-right corner just next to the URL bar. 
  4. Select “Cast” from the drop-down menu. 
  5. From the list of available devices appearing before you, choose “VIZIO TV.” 
  6. You can select either the “Browser casting” or “Desktop casting” option depending on your preference. 
  7. Hit “Accept” to pair the two devices and start enjoying the shows you have always wanted to steam on your VIZIO Smart TV’s high-quality screen. 


Conclusion – How to Cast to Vizio TV From Android?

This guide has covered all the methods you can use to connect your VIZIO Smart TV with your Android smartphone and cast all the shows you want. We have even included how you can cast to VIZIO TV from your iPhone and computer to provide you with diverse options. 

Though connecting your devices for screen mirroring to your VIZIO TV is pretty straightforward, this process isn’t always hassle-free. 

You might sometimes encounter certain problems with linking your VIZIO TV to your Android phone, but even in situations like these, don’t panic and lose hope. 

Keep trying different troubleshooting methods until you finally make the connection possible. 

But fortunately, most of the time, this connection would be smooth. Hopefully, all the methods explained in this guide have made this whole process look cleaner and more straightforward. 

Try using the above methods for casting to your VIZIO TV from Android and other devices and enjoy videos on a screen with much better resolution and quality. Happy Streaming! 


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