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We’re all aware of Bluetooth technology that allows us to establish a wireless connection between Smart TVs and nearby devices without an internet connection. 

The BlueZ Stack developed BlueDroid to simplify the use of Bluetooth and make the process smoother. As an open-source software stack, it provides a hassle-free experience using Bluetooth devices.

In this guide, we will cover all aspects of BlueDroid TV, including why it is a superior choice for smart TVs compared to a conventional BlueZ system. Before delving into our main topic, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of Bluetooth technology. So let me provide some insight into it.


What Are Bluetooth and BlueZ?

Bluetooth is a way for devices to communicate directly, eliminating the need for an external device like a router, switch, or repeater. It might seem like regular radio communication, but there are differences. While radio communication is broader and less specific, Bluetooth focuses on precision over power. Radio stations broadcast their signals with a lot of strength, but Bluetooth prioritizes accuracy in its communication.

BlueZ is a Linux-based solution for Bluetooth protocol support, distributed under the GPL. It offers a comprehensive solution for the core Bluetooth layers and protocols and is highly valued for its efficiency, versatility, and modular design. 

The modular design of BlueZ makes it easy to integrate into various systems and applications and ensures that it can handle a wide range of Bluetooth-related tasks. Whether it is connecting to other Bluetooth devices, streaming audio, or transferring files, BlueZ provides a robust and reliable solution for all your Bluetooth needs.


What is BlueDroid?

The BlueZ organization created BlueDroid to support the fundamental layers and protocols of Bluetooth. With its flexible and efficient modular design, the software offers a seamless experience for working with Bluetooth. Bluetooth protocol can often be unreliable and difficult to work with. That’s why BlueZ has developed an open-source software stack, BlueDroid, to simplify the use of Bluetooth and eliminate any difficulties.

Bluedroid, a product developed by Broadcom, is intended for integration into various embedded systems. In contrast, the BlueZ stack is created with more widespread software utilization and general purpose, making it more suitable for mobile phones.


What is BlueDroid TV?

BlueDroid TV is a smart TV operating system that utilizes the Android platform. As a substitute for Google’s Android TV, it offers an easy-to-use interface for accessing television content, including live channels, streaming services, and Android apps. Recently, various TV manufacturers have utilized BlueDroid on top of Android to construct interactive and adaptable operating systems for smart TVs.

BlueDroid TV can handle a diverse selection of multimedia formats and allows manufacturers to customize it to their specific requirements. Brands such as TCL, RCA, and Hisense have integrated BlueDroid TV into their smart TV models.

BlueDroid enhances the ease of use for Smart TVs. Using BlueDroid, you can effortlessly connect and interact with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, wireless speakers, mice, and keyboards. 

With minimal effort, you can stream audio remotely, transfer files between your Bluetooth device and TV, and perform other Bluetooth-related actions. Its high level of customization makes BlueDroid suitable for a diverse range of devices and applications.


Android and BlueDroid: What’s What?

Google switched to Bluedroid as its default Bluetooth host stack since Android 4.2, aimed at enhancing the user experience. This decision to change the Bluetooth stack was motivated by the challenges faced during the process of porting the Android platform.

The dependencies posed by the BlueZ stack made it difficult for Google to adapt its project. However, through innovative solutions and dedicated effort, Google overcame these obstacles and seamlessly integrated Bluedroid into its platform.


The Advantages of BlueDroid over BlueZ

Here are some benefits of having the Bluedroid Operating System in comparison to the Bluez system.

  1. Increased Speed – Bluedroid offers a more efficient and seamless experience than the Bluez stack. The latter tends to be resource-intensive and can result in sluggish performance when multiple applications run in the background. Bluedroid, however, operates seamlessly without requiring any additional hardware or software. It also makes BlueDroid a better choice for low-spec TVs. 
  2. Compatible – As a recent technology, Bluedroid is compatible with the newest smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled devices. Additionally, Bluedroid is compatible with many devices, including all types of smart TVs available on the market.
  3. Better Security – Bluedroid is a secure technology that has been thoroughly tested and employed by numerous companies for their smart TVs without any reported security incidents. In contrast, the Bluez stack has a history of vulnerability and breaching issues. 
  4. Improved User Experience – With BlueDroid, you can connect other Bluetooth devices, such as Game controllers, external speakers, car stereos, and more. 
  5. Power Efficient – With Bluedroid, you can conserve energy using it as it operates with low power consumption and doesn’t allow third-party devices to control your TV without your consent.
  6. More Features – Bluedroid’s open-source code allows developers to tweak the system more freely and give a personalized experience to their customers. As a result, you get a wide range of features that surpass those of the Bluez Stack, such as the capability to connect with multiple devices at once and perform phone calls and text message operations without needing to handle the phone physically.
  7. Stability – All the stability issues from BlueZ have been thoroughly rectified in the BlueDroid system. There are hardly any lags or unexpected shutdowns compared to BlueZ.
  8. Easy to Install and Configure – Bluedroid’s ease of installation and configuration is due to its compatibility with the Bluetooth stack already used in Android.


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