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Are you here searching with the term “Vizio TV Won’t Turn On And power Light Fades Off?” If yes, do not switch your tab and keep reading.

Having a smart TV is fun but facing such issues can be horrifying as you will not understand how to fix such issues without a professional’s help. Nevertheless, it is not always required to have professional help as you can also fix issues with some effortless steps and little knowledge. 

Getting a VIZIO TV will surely fit into your budget however, it does not make it a compromise with its features and use case. However, it is very normal to witness issues such as your TV not working even when the power is on and in such cases, the following are the methods to follow-


1- Check the power cycle

A power cycle is basically an option that isn’t very familiar but is not tough. You will have to first turn off your TV from the switch and then press and hold the remote’s power button for almost 10 seconds.

Then release it. Ensure that you have taken the cords from the switch while trying this method. Within these 10-15 seconds, your TV’s capacitor will get drained. After a break of a few seconds, put the cable back and turn on the TV. Now check if the issue persists or not. You can again try the same process with a hold of 30 seconds this time.


2- Check your remote

It might be the issue with your remote and not your TV. However, you need to first understand whether the issue lies with your remote or not and for that, you need to follow the given steps-

  • Check if the remote is working-To see whether your remote is working or not, it is required to see those white or purple lights flashing. And for that, you might not be able to see it without the help of your device’s camera. First, place your remote in front of your TV receiver and press the power button or any other button such as volume up or down. Now with the help of your smartphone’s camera, check if the lights are there or not.
  • Check with the batteries- Your batteries might be used fully due to which you are unable to use your remote. and for that, you can try replacing it with a pair of other batteries and check if it helps.
  • Power cycle the battery- Now, you need to try the power cycle steps on your battery and check if it works. For that, you first need to remove your remote’s battery for a while. Now you need to press and hold the power button of your remote for almost 10-15 seconds. Now release the button and open the back lid of your remote and place the batteries back. Try turning on your TV from the same.


3- Remove other apps

It is very common to connect your TV through a firestick, speaker or from your gaming console. If you have done the same and witnessed such issues, the problem may lie within the device and for that, you must try disconnecting it for some time and see if you’re able to turn on your TV or not. For that, you must unplug these wires from your TV and then turn it on again.

Note- If you have just unplugged the wires, then you must first turn off your TV by taking off the plug from the switchboard first and then plug it back in after almost 10 seconds. 


4- Reset your TV 

At times when nothing helps, you can also try resetting your TV. However, once you make a factory reset to your TV, all the customized settings that you made earlier will go down the drain and you will have to change them again. Your TV will go to default settings.

But this step will be worth it because you might have done some faulty settings due to which you’re not able to use it and by resetting it, you will be able to use the TV as figuring out which setting is to be changed will be a hectic task especially when you didn’t do it intentionally. Also, please note that since it will also delete all the firmware updates, you will have to update it later.

Note- If you’re unsure about the process of a factory reset of your Vizio TV, then give it a quick check on this video.


5- Check with your power plug

Although this is usually the first thing people look for at times you get into the technicalities so much that you forgot making the basic steps first and thus, you must check your power plug and see if it is in a good condition. Your TV might be working well but since it is not well connected to the power plug or due to the power plug damage, it is not able to turn on. And for that, you need to make sure of a few things such as-

  • Make sure that your power plug is not damaged and has no cut on it. You might have a small cut due to which it isn’t working well and thus, you must check it thoroughly. 
  • Ensure that the switchboard where you have plugged the power plug is working. It might have a fault there as well and thus, you need to ensure that it is working and is supplying the power. In order to check it, you can try replacing the switchboard or plugging some other device that you know is working on the switchboard and then see if the fault is in your TV or the switchboard. 
  • Ensure that the plug is plugged well and isn’t loose from both ends. Even if your power plug is working well but it is loosely fitted to the TV or to the switchboard, it will not turn on. 


6- Contact the customer support

It surely will be the last that you should do. If you have already tried everything but nothing turns out to be productive enough for you, then you must contact customer support and check it with the team. For this, you will have to find the number on the manual of your TV or you can also reach them out through the email address provided.

You will be asked some basics such as your TV model and details and with such details, they can assist you. If your TV lies under the warranty period, you will be fortunate enough to get it repaired at no extra cost. However, if not, they may charge you for the same. 


Wrapping up,

This is how you can easily fix your VIZIO TV not turning on issue. All these methods are not only easy to follow but highly reliable when it comes to their authenticity. You need not worry about the legitimacy and can try any of the given methods easily.

Also, if you are still unable to fix the issue, you should not hesitate to go to customer support and reach them for some quick help. If these fixes don’t help you, you will need professional help. If you have any more such doubts related to the same, please comment below.



1- Why does my Vizio TV power light turn on and then fade away?

If you’re facing such an issue where your TV’s power lights turn on first and then fade away, then there could be a hardware issue in your TV that requires a professional visit. If your TV comes under the warranty, get it checked asap and you will not have to spend anything on the same.

2- What do I do if I have a Vizio TV and it won’t turn on?

It is a common problem that many people face with their Vizio TV. Although we have covered this guide for the same, the most effective way to solve this error is the soft reset of your TV where you will have to unplug it from the power and then keep holding the power button for around 30-50 seconds and release. Once you do it, it will drain out the power and then try turning it on.

3-Is there any reset button on a Vizio TV?

Yes, there is a reset button in your Vizio TV but you will find it on the back side of your screen. However, it may vary from model to model and thus, we recommend you check it with the manual guide of your TV.

4- Is it possible to check the hardware of my Vizio TV if it does not turn on?

Unfortunately, if you’re not an expert who has prior knowledge of the same, you must not interfere in the hardware of your Vizio TV and should call a professional to seek help. However, if you do, you can check it and see if there’s any fault in it.


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